Finland: Finland has the best beer list

Finland has the most beer lists, according to the Finnish Beer Industry Association (FII) report, with a list that includes some of the world’s best. 

The report also ranked Finland among the top five countries for the number of breweries per capita, the quality of beer and the variety of beers. 

“We’ve done an excellent job of creating an environment for our industry,” said FII President Haimu Pasiukko. 

Finland has a thriving craft beer industry with more than 60 breweries and about 50 small breweries. 

Filippo Noguera, head brewer at Bauhaus Brewery in Helsinki, said the Finnish beer scene was a little more niche than it might be in the U.S. because of its proximity to the big city. 

Nogueria said he didn’t think it would be easy for people to learn about his brand outside of Finland. 

While his Finnish beers are popular, he said they also have a strong following in Germany and Austria. 

He said the best way to learn more about beer was to visit breweries.

“I’ve had people come in, and they were really excited, and I’ve also had people who are really interested and they go in for a couple beers and are hooked,” he said. 

Pasiukero said he’s looking forward to seeing what the U

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