Google News is finally getting better, but still not perfect

A year ago, Google News was pretty terrible.

It wasn’t really much better than it was then.

Google News had just released its Android app, and users had been using it to access news and other news and political stories in the Google News app.

But Google News has been getting better over the past few months, and it has started to show signs of improving.

At this point, Google has a new Android app called News on Android.

The app is still not completely perfect, but it is improving a lot, and has a much better search experience.

Here’s what you need to know about Google News.

Google’s news app has some problems Google News’ news app is a good place to find news on a wide range of topics, from politics to health care, but the app isn’t perfect.

It’s hard to find the news you want.

There are a few places where you might get a news article that is actually news.

That said, it’s a lot better than Google’s old app.

Here are a couple of things you need know about News on Google News: Search is a lot easier Google News lets you search the content on the news app for the topics you want, whether they’re political, health, or other topics.

You can also add or remove topics to a topic search, which can make it a lot faster.

Google Now can find what you’re looking for News now has an expanded search bar, allowing you to find more topics you might have searched for.

You’ll find a list of topics with a search bar at the top of the page, which is useful for finding information on a topic you want quickly.

It will also automatically find relevant news from a search.

There’s also a new section of topics that you can add or delete.

You get a personalized list of news topics for you and your friends, and you can also filter the news by topic or subject.

It also allows you to create personalized feeds for your news feeds, so you’ll know what’s coming your way.

There is also a personalized search bar for news.

News lets users create personalized stories for friends to read, share, and even recommend.

You will also get a notification when News is open in your News app when you’ve added or deleted topics or topics.

Google is trying to fix News on News a lot More recently, Google announced that News on the Android app would be improving.

Now, the app will automatically add new topics to the news feed if you’ve subscribed to a news feed.

This is helpful when you are trying to find a new story.

But the News app has also improved in some areas, like the search experience, which seems to be improving a little more as well.

The search experience has also gotten better, so if you are having trouble finding something, you can get a quick answer quickly by just clicking on a link.

You also have a section of new topics in the News section.

Google has been working on improving News for the past year, but they haven’t been able to get it perfect yet.

There have been some issues with how News looks and works, and there have been a few complaints about how the search results look.

So, Google is now adding some improvements to the News on its app.

News on Chrome on Android is currently only available on Android phones running Chrome OS, and the app has been optimized for Android phones.

But it has improved considerably, and is now much better at what it does.

You may notice that the news is no longer sorted by topic, which Google has made a point of improving over the years.

You won’t see the news in a list, but you will be able to search and sort it by topic.

You now also get some new search options.

Google now shows you news in your news feed at the same time it shows you all the content you are reading.

If you are an Android user, you will see News on your News feed at a time when you read it.

This means you don’t need to go to the app to read the news.

The News app is not completely overhauled, but there is more to News on this version of Android.

Here is what Google has done to improve News on iOS: You can now see the topics that are trending and trending topics are marked as trending and there are new topics.

There also is a new search bar that will show you news topics and the top trending topics.

The top trending topic is the topic you are currently reading.

When you open News, the top news topics are sorted by the number of people that have added or removed them.

There was a little lag on iOS, but that is now fixed.

Google also added a new setting in News that lets you customize your news app by adding or removing topics from your feed.

You have the option to remove topics from a topic and add new ones.

You don’t have to manually add topics, though. The new

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