How to be a more politically correct citizen in the US: What you need to know

How to take a step back and take stock of what has been happening in Washington, D.C. The following is a compilation of the best and most important political news of the week, in chronological order.

Top 5 most important issues:The biggest and most divisive issue facing our country right now is healthcare.

It’s not about the Republican party or President Donald Trump.

It is about the way the country is run, and we need to change that.

The American people are tired of hearing about how the Trump administration is “stealing” from them.

They are tired that the Affordable Care Act is not working for them, and they are tired the American people have to pay more and more for health insurance.

On the flip side, President Donald J. Trump has made health care a top priority.

He’s focused on making America great again, and the country has finally been listening to his call.

This is a major win for our health care system, and for our country as a whole.

It means that millions of Americans are now in control of their own healthcare, not forced to buy private insurance when their insurance provider goes out of business or closes down.

And it means that the American public has been finally given a choice in how to manage their health care costs.

As the Supreme Court considers whether to take up a challenge to the Trump Administration’s executive order on executive amnesty, the President should not ignore the growing frustration of Americans with the government’s refusal to treat them fairly under the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Trump Administration is not listening to the American health care needs of its own citizens, and it is taking steps to sabotage them.

The President should stop ignoring the fact that there are growing public protests about how they are being mismanaged and that the law is not being delivered on time.

Trump should stop talking about the Affordable Healthcare Act and instead focus on his own agenda, which is working.

That means giving more power to states to set their own health insurance policies, improving Medicaid coverage, and creating new programs to help the poor.

The president should also listen to the voices of the American workers and businesses who are working hard to stay competitive in a shrinking and insecure economy.

The healthcare industry has been doing a great job, and this is one of the biggest economic successes of the Trump era.

But we need the American worker to keep working harder.

It will take more than the Affordable Housing Act to create a thriving and thriving American economy.

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