Why Trump’s new pot czar should be in charge of marijuana legalization

There’s been an increasing amount of attention on President Donald Trump’s plans to legalize marijuana, and his top adviser on the issue, former Arizona Republican Rep. Joe Arpaio, is taking a leading role in it.

Arpaio, who has also been criticized for his racist and xenophobic views, has also received criticism for not being an expert on marijuana policy.

In fact, Arpaio’s marijuana czar, former California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, has been criticized as too harsh and divisive, and some even say he’s a “racist.”

Now, he’s on the verge of being confirmed as the new deputy attorney general for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Trump’s top lawyer, Rod Rosenstein, also has ties to the industry.

Rosenstein has been nominated to lead the Justice Department, which oversees the DEA.

But Rohrabachers stance on marijuana, which has led some to question whether he has the necessary experience and background for the position, has already caused a bit of a stir among lawmakers and others who have expressed concerns about Rohrabachs lack of experience and knowledge.

Now, it seems that Rohrabaches anti-marijuana views are getting a bit more attention, thanks to a piece in The Huffington Mail by political commentator Ben Howe.

As the article states, Rohrabbs “outrageous views on marijuana legalization” are being brought to light by an interview he gave to the Los Angeles Times in March.

He was asked whether the Department of Justice should be involved in marijuana legalization.

Rohrabas answers were so outrageous, the LA Times’ senior political writer, David Weigel, tweeted a screenshot of them: “Rohrabacher: The DEA should be responsible for marijuana legalization because of its role as a DEA.

The Justice Department would be better off focusing on violent criminals.”

(h/t: Los Angeles Daily News) The Washington Post is also looking into the new attorney general’s role in marijuana policy, and one of the things they found out is that Rohrbacher, unlike the DEA, is not a DEA employee.

“It’s not clear what the attorney general has done with DEA records,” a senior DOJ official told the Washington Post.

“He’s not a member of DEA.

He’s not an employee of the DEA.”

Rohrabached views on cannabis Rohrabache’s views on pot have been on the rise since his time as a state legislator in Arizona, and he has been on a crusade to end marijuana prohibition in the state, as he has done in other states as well.

In 2015, Rohrbach proposed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona.

In December 2016, he introduced a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana in the same state, and in 2017, he sponsored a bill that would have allowed marijuana to be sold at dispensaries.

Rohrbache has also called for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes in other parts of the country, as well as in the United States, but he has said that marijuana should remain illegal at the federal level, and that there should be no federal penalties for marijuana possession.

The new deputy Attorney General Rohrababacher would be tasked with overseeing the Department’s response to the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act, which is currently under debate by Congress.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, which Rohrabbers predecessor at the Department, Eric Holder, was also in charge, is tasked with enforcing the federal law that sets the rules for the drug.

The DEA is responsible for enforcing federal law against the production, distribution, possession, and use of marijuana.

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