Trump’s tax returns ‘reveal that he’s hiding his money from the IRS’, as he faces impeachment

Trump has reportedly filed his first tax returns since becoming president, raising fresh questions about his finances and the ethics of his presidency.

The White House announced the documents, which he previously refused to release, on Monday, and the President is facing mounting calls for him to step down as US president.

The documents were first reported by Axios, and are the latest piece of evidence that Mr Trump is hiding his millions from the US government.

“The President has filed his tax returns, which are complete and he has made them available for all the world to see,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at the White House on Monday.

“There’s nothing in them that would indicate anything about his financial affairs.”

The documents show Mr Trump paid a total of $916m in taxes, less than half the $2.9bn he claimed he paid in federal income taxes, but still more than the $916 million he said he paid during the election campaign.

In his returns, Mr Trump has reported an adjusted gross income of $1.4bn, which would make him one of the wealthiest US presidents.

Axios reported that Mr Sanders would not say whether Mr Trump had declared his $916million income.

“He’s paid his taxes and he’s paid them on time,” she said.

Ms Sanders added that Mr “shouldn’t have to go through that.” “

But it’s clear that Mr [Trump] paid taxes and paid them properly, and he should be very proud of his income.”

Ms Sanders added that Mr “shouldn’t have to go through that.”

Mr Trump’s latest return also reveals that he has taken advantage of the loophole known as “pass-through” business income to avoid paying any federal income tax.

The loophole allows individuals who own their businesses through a corporation or partnerships to take deductions from their tax bills that could be used to reduce their tax bill.

The exemption is known as the “pass through” tax, and allows individuals to claim up to $10,000 in “passthrough” income.

The US government uses this to help low-income individuals, including single mothers, and to reduce the tax burden on middle-class Americans.

It is often used to avoid tax by holding real estate investments in a trust or as a dividend.

Ms Sanders said Mr Trump was paying his “fair share” in taxes.

But she did not specify what the tax rates he was paying.

“I have not seen any of the tax returns.

I would have to look into that,” she added.

Mr Trump previously insisted he did not pay any federal tax at all.

He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, claiming the audits were part of a smear campaign by Democrats and the media.

Mr Sanders said Ms Sanders could not comment on the tax documents, but the US Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) said the President’s returns “do not provide any evidence of any potential violation of the United States tax laws.”

The TAS also said Mr White House would not release the documents before the next filing deadline, which is Tuesday.

Axi News reported that the TAS had been contacted by a group of Trump supporters who claimed they had requested access to the returns, but that Mr Whitehouse was refusing.

“It’s just outrageous, the way that he is trying to hide the truth,” the group said.

Mr WhiteHouse said that the WhiteHouse would release the tax return documents in full on Monday and that the documents “will be made public when all necessary steps are taken to provide the information that the President needs to fully and accurately fulfill his obligations under the law”.

“While it’s disappointing to see Mr Trump withhold so much information, the Administration continues to support the President and will continue to fight for his agenda,” Mr Whitehouses said.

US Senator Bernie Sanders is calling on Mr Trump to resign as president.

“Donald Trump is a man of incredible wealth, but he has refused to provide even basic information on his taxes to the American people,” he said.

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