How to use Vox Media’s Political Content Tool to learn more about Canada’s upcoming election

Vox Media has launched a new tool called Political Content, which aims to provide more information to users about the upcoming federal election, and helps them understand how Canadians can make informed choices in the future.

The new tool, called Political Data, was created with the help of a number of political science researchers, political scientists, journalists and experts who are interested in the political landscape.

The tool provides users with the most up-to-date data on key events in Canada, from voter turnout to the voting patterns of key demographics.

Users can also filter through the data to identify key issues and trends, and see how their data is being used by their local and national political leaders.

To learn more, the tool provides a quick introduction to the data.

For instance, the first question that pops up is, “What is the most important political issue in Canada?”

The second question asks, “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

The government has been too liberal in its approach to foreign policy, and the government should stop supporting anti-Israel groups.””

The third question asks if you agree with the statement that the Liberals have a record of supporting extremist groups,” said Sarah McKeown, Vox Media VP of digital, research and innovation.

“In other words, how well do you know the Liberal Party’s record on foreign policy?”

The fourth question asks: “Do people who are critical of the Liberals see that party as being more moderate or liberal?

Do you agree that the Liberal party should continue to support anti-Islam groups?”

And the fifth question asks how the Liberals are viewed by Canadians on other political issues.

The data shows that the most popular answer on the third question is, in general, “Yes” — followed by the Conservatives, the Liberals, and then the NDP.

On the flip side, the most common answer on that question is “No” — and the Liberal and Conservative parties are all viewed as being moderate or progressive on other issues.

What is more interesting is that people tend to lean towards the Liberals more than the Conservatives on the question of how the Conservatives should be viewed.

In fact, on the issue of foreign policy and anti-terror groups, the parties are in agreement on three issues — the Conservatives are the most conservative, the NDP is the second most liberal, and Trudeau is the third most conservative.

In other parts of the country, however, the data shows a more even split: Conservatives and NDP supporters are more likely to say the Liberals should support the anti-Islamic groups.

In other words: Conservatives are more comfortable with the idea of the Liberal government supporting anti, pro-Islamic and anti anti-government groups.

In a tweet, McKeong said the tool is being released “to allow users to more easily access and understand this critical data that will help us better understand Canada’s next election.”

The data also includes information about key demographics such as age, education, gender, and income.

Vox Media said it plans to release more demographic data and a breakdown of how it was collected, but the tool will only be available to Vox users.

As part of the tool, Vox will be offering free access to the tool for one year.

Users who do not want to have access to Political Data are able to opt out at any time.

Vox says it will release more data over time as the campaign gets closer.

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