Mongolia is building a new ‘world class’ news website

Mongolia’s Mongolian news website Mongolicious is getting ready to launch its first website, which aims to rival the likes of BuzzFeed, CNN, and the Washington Post.

The Mongolian News website, set to launch in the next few weeks, will be run by the country’s Information Technology Department (DIT).

The Mongolians will be able to access the site by subscribing to its premium subscription service, and also through a free one-month trial.

The website will also feature news articles, videos, and graphics.

It will also have a news section with news from around the world, a blog, and even a Facebook page.

The new site will have a “deep history” of stories and topics, including a focus on the region’s cultural and religious diversity.

“Mongolia’s media landscape has been slowly improving, but not yet to the level of other countries,” DIT Director General of Media and Communications, Zhongshan Zhang, told Engadge.

“This means that we are confident that the website will be a strong step forward.”

The website, currently under construction, will initially feature stories on Mongolia’s military and the military’s response to the Mongolian crisis, as well as stories on Mongolian politics and culture.

Zhang said the website would have an “unparalleled focus on Mongolia” and the countrys cultural and historical diversity.

He added that the site will be “the most extensive and authoritative” Mongolian site ever.

Mongolian officials have previously said that the new site would provide access to a wide range of content, including videos, images, and articles, in a variety of languages, and in a more “engaging” way than BuzzFeed and CNN.

In a video that the Mongolians released on Sunday, Zhang announced that the service would be able “to become the most comprehensive and authoritative Mongolian media platform on the internet.”

The new website will come on the heels of the launch of a Mongolian government website, the Mongol News, earlier this month.

It has also received approval from the Mongolia Information Technology Ministry to launch a Mongol news service.

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