How the Egyptian military toppled a democratically elected government

Cairo — Egypt’s military ousted a democratically-elected government Friday, ending months of protests that have paralyzed the nation.

The announcement came amid a worsening political crisis in the Muslim-majority country and a crackdown on opposition leaders.

The military says it toppled Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Egypt’s first freely elected president, after a three-month campaign.

Egypt’s opposition blames the military for what it calls el-Moury’s coup, which it says overthrew a civilian government.

“The country has entered a new phase in its political and military life,” el-Giza said in a televised address.

“It is clear that the coup d’etat was launched with the goal of destabilizing the state, and to take over the state.”

The military said it had fired missiles from the Suez Canal in response to a military coup.

It said it was targeting those who were trying to destabilize the government.

The country has seen a sharp decline in its economic growth in recent years.

President Abdel Fadl Abdel Fotini had said last year he was willing to step down, but it wasn’t until Friday that he gave his full backing to el-Megara.

el-Arabiya TV, the English-language state-run news agency, quoted el-Shabab, a militant Islamist group, as saying it was behind the coup.

“This coup has been carried out with the support of the military,” said the militant group’s spokesman, Abdullah al-Jabiri.

“Our aim is to bring down the state and the military dictatorship that ruled Egypt for over three decades.”

The Egyptian military has accused el-Hussein of being involved in plotting an uprising.

In July, el-Khalifa, a former member of el-Jazeera television, was convicted of spying for the military.

His sentencing was delayed several times over the summer.

The court said el-Nasr, the former head of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party, was responsible for plotting the coup and el-Farouq, a leader of the opposition Republican Guard, was charged with conspiring to overthrow el-Wahabi.

El-Wahsir was also indicted for planning an uprising against el-Lahy, the military’s former interior minister.

The opposition had called on the military to hand down sentences against elsahir and elfarouq.

The three were accused of plotting a coup to overthrow the government and the killing of elsahar.

They were also accused of conspiring to help elsara’s son Abdel Fayed el-Rabah elSayed win elections in a July presidential vote.

elSawah elFayed, a leading member of the Brotherhood and a former army chief, has also been charged.

elFayad’s son, Abdel-Fatah, was also charged with plotting to overthrow government, while el-Din el-Fayed was charged for conspiring to commit crimes against the state.

ElFarouh elFaroued, the deputy defense minister, was arrested in January on charges of trying to overthrow state institutions.

elFarouf has denied any involvement in the coup attempt.

“I am innocent,” elFarouna told Reuters TV, calling the military “the enemies of the Egyptian people.”

The protests began on June 6 and have paralyzed Cairo.

The army has accused the protesters of conspiring with foreign powers to topple elSisi.

The United States, Europe and other Western countries have called for elSissani’s release.

el Farouh’s family has criticized the military, saying it has killed hundreds of protesters, and blamed it for a failed attempt to assassinate elSassi.

The government says elFarouk elFarah, who was detained last year, was behind last year’s attempted coup and is not a threat.

elTayeb elFaroh, a Muslim Brotherhood activist who was charged in the case, has been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime against the security forces.

elIyad elSaidi, a spokesman for the Brotherhood, said he had nothing to do with the coup, adding that el Farouk el Farouna “has no right to make this accusation.”

The group also denounced the coup effort as a “criminal coup.”

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