What is the Swiss system for collecting and reporting crime data?

Switzerland is a country with a complicated and secretive system for recording crime data.

However, the data collected by Swiss police is shared widely, and is used by various government agencies including the country’s national prosecutor, the Swiss Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), and the Federal Prosecutor Office (FOCA).

The data is also shared with other police forces and other state agencies.

This means that the data can be used for several purposes.

For example, the BKA may be able to identify who committed the crime and the FOCA may be used to investigate other crimes.

Additionally, it is also possible for other data to be collected and used to improve the quality of criminal investigations and prosecutions.

The Swiss Criminal Code outlines how data should be collected, used, and used by the various authorities.

Here are the basic rules that apply to the collection and use of crime data: 1.

The data collected must be used according to the law 2.

The information should be anonymized and only used for official purposes 3.

Only the relevant data may be shared with the other agencies involved in the investigation or prosecution 4.

Data should only be used when there is an official reason for it 5.

Data can only be collected in response to a request from a person or a law enforcement agency 6.

Data may not be used in cases of national security or public health (i.e. to identify people, institutions, or groups that pose a threat) 7.

Data collected by police should only include information relevant to the investigation of the crime.

For instance, data collected for a criminal investigation may only be shared if the relevant information can be proven to be relevant to a national security, public health, or public security investigation.

Data must not include information that is irrelevant to the inquiry or prosecution.


Data will be collected for one specific purpose only: to provide the necessary data to a court for a case that has been closed or dismissed 9.

If a person has been convicted of a crime, the information collected by the police must be limited to information that has already been obtained by the prosecution.


The BKA, FOCa, and the national prosecutor can share the data they collect.

The authorities that collect the data will have to keep the data confidential for a minimum of three years.


The privacy rights of the data are to be protected by law.


The use of the information is subject to the following conditions: 1) it should be limited only to information relevant for the investigation 2) the use of data is subject only to the judicial oversight of the relevant authority 3) the data should only contain information that can be shown to be appropriate 4) the purpose of the use must be legal 5) the information should only involve an investigation that is under investigation 6) the only use of information collected is for an investigation in which the relevant authorities are also involved 7) the police may disclose data only for public purposes that are in the public interest and that are not in breach of any law, rule, regulation, or order, or which do not pose a risk to public safety or to the health of the public.

Source Business Insider

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