What you need to know about the next federal budget

The federal government will release a budget on Monday, with major changes to the way it spends the money it collects.

The Liberals and NDP are calling it a $6.9 billion budget.

The Tories and New Democrats have been promising a $8.3 billion budget for the next year.

The budget will be the first budget in four years from the Liberals and the NDP.

The biggest changes will be to the Canada Child Benefit, which will be replaced by a one-time payment of $2,500.

The increase is the first step toward an increase in the personal tax allowance for individuals who earn more than $50,000 a year.

In the first year of the new government, families with children who earn less than $47,000 will see an average benefit increase of $600.

That’s in addition to the $2.2 billion in additional income-splitting the government will provide to working parents, in the first four years of the program.

The Conservatives and New Democratic parties are also proposing to increase the child benefit from $2 to $3,000 for single parents, as well as from $3 to $4,000 per child for families with two children, and from $4 to $5,000 in families with three or more children.

The change in the benefits would apply to all provinces and territories.

The Liberal and NDP governments are also seeking to increase disability benefits, with the government promising a reduction of up to $500 for those with serious health conditions.

There are also proposals to change the minimum wage from $10.10 an hour to $12.25 an hour, which would apply across Canada.

The New Democrats are also promising to increase social assistance benefits to $10 per week for the lowest-paid working families and $12 per week to $15 per week.

All of the measures are meant to make it easier for low-income families to make ends meet.

The NDP is proposing to double the amount of money a single person earning $25,000 annually would receive as Social Assistance starting in 2019.

The Greens are also introducing a $20-a-day minimum wage, which the Liberals are also considering.

Both the Liberals, NDP and Conservatives are also calling for changes to some other programs.

For example, the Conservatives are proposing to eliminate the child tax credit, which has helped families through tough economic times.

The party is also calling to eliminate a $1.9-billion “revenue-neutral” cap on private corporations’ tax breaks, and to increase income taxes on corporate executives.

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