The Fix: What the polls mean for Clinton’s chances of winning in Pennsylvania

FiveThirtyEight: The state is trending blue.

Clinton has a small lead in the RealClearPolitics average of polls, with Clinton at 46.4 percent and Trump at 43.5 percent.

Clinton is still ahead by more than 5 percentage points in the state’s recent polling averages.

Clinton’s lead is down from 10 points in early September.

The Fix’s poll average is the most recent available from RealClear Politics, which has Clinton at 45.5 to 43.6 percent.

In the first of three presidential debates, Clinton won Pennsylvania by 10 points, but Trump won the state by 14 points.

FiveThirtyeight’s average is not the same as RealClear.

In other words, the state is not yet trending blue for either candidate.

It is a state that has shown signs of life in the past two weeks.

The latest RealClear poll shows Clinton at 40 percent in the Keystone State.

Trump’s average in the same poll is 38.4.

It’s not clear whether either candidate will do better in Pennsylvania than he did in Pennsylvania in August.

In fact, a lot of the recent news about Pennsylvania is about the state, which is a key battleground state in the 2016 presidential race.

The polls are not that important right now, because they are in the early stages of the election cycle.

The real winner of Pennsylvania is still going to be the polls.

And the polls are only one indicator of the race.

Polls are also often not predictive of who wins.

For instance, the last two presidential debates between the candidates have shown no significant shifts in the polls’ results in either direction.

Polling is just one tool in a larger election strategy.

There are a lot more factors at play, and there is much more to this race than just polls.

Pollsters need to know how to ask voters specific questions and what the average of those responses will look like.

Clinton and Trump also need to do a better job of explaining how their policies and views differ from each other.

That is going to come down to a lot in the final days of the campaign.

The two candidates are both in a very different place politically and on the issues.

Trump has built his campaign around his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Clinton, meanwhile, has criticized Trump for his “bigoted” rhetoric.

Poll results are only a one-way street.

The polling averages will also have a large impact on the election in November.

Some polls are likely to be predictive of the outcome of the November election, and other polls are going to tell us more about who is actually ahead in the race and who is struggling to get ahead.

The fact that the poll averages are not predictive does not mean they are meaningless.

A lot of polling is done wrong in the United States.

But this is not a new thing.

In general, the polls do a poor job of predicting the outcomes of national elections, and that is particularly true of national polls.

The 2008 election, for instance, was very close between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Pollers underestimated Obama and overstated Romney’s support for the Affordable Care Act.

Poll numbers also can be affected by the state of the economy, the race for the White House, and a host of other factors.

Clinton needs to do better than Trump in these areas.

Trump and his supporters have long argued that polls are wrong because they overestimate the strength of their opponents’ positions.

In an interview with ABC News, Clinton called the polls “fake news” and said she has been the beneficiary of a “toxic environment.”

Trump has also been criticized for the way he has treated Clinton during the primary, saying she has not been strong enough in her opposition to him.

Poll averages can also be misleading because they may not be representative of the public.

For example, the Real Clear Politics average of recent polls does not show Clinton leading in Pennsylvania.

But if you look at the polls individually, you can see a different story.

Trump is ahead by about 2 percentage points, while Clinton is ahead of Trump by about 3 points.

If the average is about as good as the Real Common Sense poll of recent polling, Clinton would be up by about 5 percentage-point.

The only way to make the polls accurate is to adjust the polls and try to get a better picture of who is winning the race in the next few weeks.

That will not be easy.

Pollster John Zogby, a Republican pollster and former Republican national chairman, said that he believes the polls will give Clinton a “lot of leeway” in explaining her strategy to voters.

Zog-Baker: They are the most accurate polls of the entire campaign.

And it would be interesting to know what the actual numbers are in terms of where they stand in the campaign and what kind of trajectory she is on.

ZOG-BAKER: It would be nice to know.

That might give her a little bit of levity in that regard,

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