How to see how the news is changing in India: Google News

News is a powerful force in Indian society.

It is how we live our lives and is what helps shape who we are as individuals.

We are able to share stories, learn from each other, and make informed decisions in a fast-paced world.

But news is a medium in which we are all vulnerable.

This year, a new type of news is emerging.

A digital news outlet that aims to serve the community with accurate, fact-based, and timely information has been launched by a new company called News-Sagar.

The company’s website boasts that it is the first news site to offer a curated list of top stories and highlights from across India and around the world.

These include: The rise of Indian women, a global trend in women’s empowerment, the government’s attempts to curb women’s access to education and healthcare, and the rise of the BJP.

The website, which has been active since late 2015, has since attracted a number of followers from around the country and around Africa.

The site is run by a team of three journalists, all journalists, who are passionate about the issue of gender equality.

They are both members of the news-sagar team and all have experience of working in the field of digital news.

As news outlets, we should aim to serve our readers and listeners well, according to News-sagar’s CEO and co-founder.

“It is important to know the news we have to make informed choices and make sure that our voices are heard.

We want to be a trusted platform for the community.

We have a mission to educate the people about the issues and our stories,” said Amit Sarma, the co-CEO and editor of News-sgar.

“We also want to show the world the stories that matter to the Indian people,” said Sarma.

News-sandagar was founded in March 2016 by a group of journalists and is run on a ‘community platform’ model, in which it aims to provide a ‘first-rate’ news service that is accessible to readers.

It offers news in a variety of formats, including the news and information portal, the news blog, and mobile-friendly version.

The team aims to ensure that the news site is accessible and transparent.

The news website has been the most-read news website in India for the last three years.

Its readership is mostly young men.

The platform is also growing and attracting more followers, as the site’s audience grew by 70% from last year to more than 10 million users in the last six months.

News stories, such as the latest events and developments in India, can be shared across platforms.

“The people who are subscribing to our platform are not necessarily the people who follow our stories.

They’re readers who are looking for the latest news stories on India,” Sarma told The News.

The new news outlet has been able to gain popularity through its timely and accurate news coverage, which is a key feature of the platform.

“Our focus is on content and the people’s stories,” he said.

The content is not always about the news, however.

“If a news story is about a person or organisation, it’s a story about their personal lives.

The way we look at it, we try to look at the people and their stories in the context of the wider context,” said Jyotiraditya Narayan, the CEO of News Saragar.

News Saraga has also partnered with other news platforms, including The Times of India and The Hindu, in the past.

The partnership between News Saragar and The Times has seen more than 1.7 million subscribers join the platform in the first six months of the year.

The Times’ viewership has increased by more than 500% and the Indian readership has increased more than 4% in the same period.

“In a world of ever-changing news, our aim is to bring you the news you need,” Narayan said.

News Sandagar has a global reach and a growing audience, with its platform serving a range of countries across the world, including Australia, the United States, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Mexico, and South Africa.

News Sagar has been launching its new news service in India in partnership with the Times of Indian.

“I am delighted that The Times is now a member of our platform.

We will continue to grow the Times brand, including our international news coverage,” Narayana said.

“As the global digital media leader, the Times has always been the platform for news in India and is the perfect partner for us in building the platform we have today,” said the Times’ Head of News and Content, Vijay Singh.

The News Sandagar news site has a Facebook page with more than 3.5 million likes and more than 2.4 million shares.

The Indian readers of the Times are keen to know what news they can find on the platform, and they are keen for more information on the latest developments.

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