Aussie politician Andrew Hastie calls for ‘citizen journalism’ as he seeks to ‘win the debate’

Australian politician Andrew “Mr. C” Hastie has been called “a hero” by his fellow Greens MPs after calling on “the Australian people” to “take back control of our political system”.

In a statement, Mr Hastie said he was “a realist” and called on Australians to “show up and take control”.

“I believe we have a lot of work to do as a nation to win the debate about the direction our country is heading,” he said.

“The people are the most powerful force in our democracy and we have to use them to win that debate.”

“Citizen journalism is an essential component of that democracy.

We have a duty to tell the Australian people about what is happening and what they should do to change things.”

Mr Hasties remarks came after the National Party announced it would back the Federal Government in the next federal election and Mr Hastier’s comments followed the Federal Labor party’s announcement that it would not be joining the government in the upcoming election.

Mr Hasti was one of the few Greens MPs who had opposed the federal government’s first budget in May.

He said he had also called on the Greens to take on more of the government’s “big ticket” policies in a speech on Wednesday night, calling for more transparency in government.

“I am a realist.

I believe we are headed towards a crisis in our politics, and that is because the Australian community has been fed up with politicians who are not listening to their concerns and who have no sense of the economy or the real economy,” he told 7.30.

“It is time to take back control.

Citizen journalism is a essential component in that democracy.”

Mr Hatch also told 7

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