How to weed out ‘fake news’ on social media

As news outlets and news aggregators seek to combat fake news, it is increasingly becoming a challenge for the news industry to distinguish what is real and what is fake, and the industry faces a major test in the months ahead.

The issue of fake news on social networks has become a significant challenge for both news publishers and users, especially as Facebook and Twitter have grown increasingly concerned about the threat to their businesses and reputation from fake news.

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that the company was investigating the “disputed role” of an Australian news outlet in spreading fake news about a woman who died in a plane crash in India.

A number of fake stories circulated on social-media platforms in the past few months, including one which claimed that President Donald Trump had been diagnosed with dementia.

A news anchor from Australia, who claimed to be in contact with a person in India, then published the story on the Times of Indian website and on the Sydney Morning Herald’s Facebook page.

The story, which was published without attribution, included an article by an unnamed Australian journalist who said the Australian Embassy in New Delhi was “deeply concerned” about the story.

It is unclear who first circulated the story in Australia, but it is likely to have been the Sydney Times.

The newspaper has a long history of publishing false and defamatory stories about individuals, including a report that claimed the U.S. was preparing a “kill list” of Muslims in the U,S.

A New York Post story published on Friday falsely reported that a group of Muslims was planning to storm a mosque in the United States in retaliation for the mosque’s decision to honor President Donald J. Trump.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Times acknowledged that the article “did not meet the standards required for publication in The Times,” but said it would “review the matter.”

The newspaper’s news content standards prohibit “false or misleading claims.”

“We believe the content is credible and fair and the story was published in the interest of our readers,” the Times said.

Fake news is not news. “

The Times of Pakistan is also investigating the matter and will provide any information that we can about what happened.”

“Fake news is not news.

It is propaganda that is aimed at undermining public trust in our democracy, and it is a crime,” said Mohammed Khawaja, the head of the Pakistan-based Pakistan Media Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports news content and journalism.

“News is the only way for the people of Pakistan to get their information from news organizations.”

News organizations and their audiences have increasingly become suspicious of the way news outlets operate.

A CNN report published on Tuesday detailed how Facebook has blocked a number of news sites, including The New York Daily News, and how some news sites were using Facebook’s algorithm to target users based on what they liked or shared on their social-network pages.

The Times’ report also said that the Australian news anchor had also written a false story about a person, who had reportedly been killed in a “plane crash” in India last year.

The Australian Government has not commented on the story and is not commenting on any specific news organization.

Last year, Facebook also removed a story about the murder of a woman in an air crash in which she was described as a “fake news source” for several months, and then the article was subsequently deleted.

The Times reported on Tuesday that Facebook has removed more than 500 stories from the platform that used “fake or misleading content.”

On Monday, the Washington Post reported that Facebook is reviewing the story about Aisha Hassan, who was killed in an Indian Air Force plane crash.

The woman had reportedly posted an article on Facebook alleging that a woman was being paid to kill a Muslim man.

Facebook has not responded to the report.

On Thursday, The Washington Post published an article saying that Facebook was investigating whether fake news stories were being shared by users who were attempting to post a link to the story, or that users were sharing it to share their own stories.

Facebook said that it had been investigating the reports.

The company said it had blocked the accounts of some of the people who shared the story before the story became available on Facebook.

On Friday, Facebook said it was reviewing the account of the woman who posted the story of the Indian woman killed in the air crash.

A Facebook spokesperson said the company had also taken down the story as well as a number, including the account, of a news source in Australia.

Facebook also said it “discloses to authorities when we determine an account has violated our community standards.”

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