How to win over the N-word: How to avoid becoming a victim

By JEFFERSON BALDWINThe National Enquirer has revealed that it will run a series of articles exposing the “n-word” in the upcoming election.

The Enquirers website is already publishing articles on racism, and the articles will be a big boost for the campaign to make the “N-word a dirty word”.

“The Enquires purpose is to educate the American people about the evils of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other hateful slurs,” the website states.

“It will be an honest look at the current political climate and its implications for the future of our country.”

The EnvyNews website is not currently being published, but it has already published articles on the KKK and the Confederate flag.

“The National Front, an anti-government, racist, anti-Christian, anti-“Trump” group, has been gaining support in the United States in recent months, as has the anti-abortion movement,” the Enquireres website reads.

“N-words are being used to denigrate women and people of color.

A recent poll found that 72% of Americans support ‘calling out racists, homophobes, and Islamophobes’.”

And there is no reason to think that the National Front’s message of hate and intolerance won’t be embraced by American voters.”Read more:

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