How to get a man to give you a raise

The man who will get your job, his family and his reputation is often the one who asks for the biggest raise, a new study shows.

The study, published by the Center for Workforce Research at Georgetown University, found that the bigger the raise, the more likely a man was to be the one to ask for a raise in the first place.

The research, which involved interviewing more than 2,000 people, found a correlation between the number of raises and how likely they were to be given.

Men were more likely to ask the boss for raises in the third or fourth year of employment.

Women were most likely to request raises in years six through eight.

The researchers found that when men asked for raises, the most often asked for was $3.20 per hour more than twice as much as women, who received $2.80.

The highest amount asked for by men was $10.60 per hour, which was almost triple as much for women.

The authors say the findings are a reminder that women can earn more than men even though they are less likely to be in a position to demand a raise.

Women have been earning $1.9 million per year more than they were four years ago, according to the report, and are also more likely than men to be asked for a salary increase.

But, the study said, there is a gap between what men and women can ask for and the pay that is given.

“We need to start asking more of our leaders, including our male leaders, about their pay,” said Richard Katz, director of the Center.

“The pay that they are making is still not equal.”

The study did not examine the pay gap in the workforce, but Katz said it is a clear indicator of the gap that needs to be addressed.

“You can’t say that there is not a wage gap, but you need to make sure that you are also raising the pay of women in the workplace and in the middle class,” he said.

“I’m not suggesting that it’s a perfect gender pay gap, because it is.

But I am saying that the pay difference that we see in this study is very, very, and it needs to change.”

Women are less apt to ask their bosses for raises because they may feel threatened by a higher pay, Katz said.

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