Obama’s biggest problem: His party doesn’t have the votes

By MATT BAKER Obama has been at the center of a presidential campaign about as long as it has been a party.

The president’s approval ratings, which have been among the lowest in decades, have been plummeting.

His party, the Democratic Party, is in disarray.

His approval ratings are at historic lows.

And his party, which has spent years campaigning on his behalf, has failed to produce a winning election for the first time since 1980.

All of that makes the president’s job a major problem.

For months, the party has been under attack by liberals for not being progressive enough and for lacking the votes needed to win elections.

They’re trying to pin the blame on him, not on the Republicans.

But Obama has a message that’s resonated in the party: the GOP is the enemy.

The Democratic Party has had two presidents.

It has a majority in the Senate, and its congressional leaders are more than likely to vote for the president.

And if a Democratic president wins reelection, the Democrats will likely hold the majority of the House.

But the party is running into problems.

The party is in decline.

It’s in disrepair.

And its voters have given it little hope of ever winning the White House again.

In his first term, President Obama had a 71% approval rating.

By the time his second term came to a close, his approval rating was just 37%.

The party has had three presidents, and it’s lost three elections.

In the last two elections, it’s had only one.

The Democrats lost in 2010 and 2012.

In 2012, it had a 56% approval rate.

In 2008, it was 58%.

In 2004, it averaged 51%.

And in 2004, the Republican Party was just 30% in approval.

But after Obama took office, the Republicans lost all of the presidential elections.

Now, with the exception of the 2010 midterm elections, the GOP has had fewer than 10 congressional seats in the last decade.

And since the GOP lost control of the Senate in 2014, Republicans have lost their majority in both houses of Congress.

Democrats are struggling to govern.

Republicans control the House, Senate and the Whitehouse.

Obama has struggled to find the votes to pass legislation that he wants to sign into law.

He’s been unable to get his policies passed by Congress.

And now, Democrats have to find a way to get their candidates elected.

This is not a new problem for the Democrats.

For decades, Democrats were often in the minority.

Now that Republicans control both houses, the odds of them getting their agenda through the House of Representatives and the Senate are much lower.

So Republicans have created a problem for Democrats.

The Republican Party is the party of Washington.

It controls the presidency, Congress and the judiciary.

Its members are often the most influential people in Washington.

And so when they get things done, they don’t usually like to change them.

But they do try to change the way things are done, because that’s how the American people vote.

That’s how they get their votes.

In 2010, for example, the House passed an omnibus spending bill that contained provisions that the president could use to make things like his executive amnesty more likely to happen.

The omnibus bill also included provisions that were aimed at allowing the president to use his executive powers to enforce the federal immigration law and to create a temporary guest worker program for the unemployed.

But Democrats opposed the omnibus.

Republicans, meanwhile, had an idea.

They were going to use the Congressional Review Act to stop the omnibuses spending bill.

That act is an obscure but popular law that allows Congress to overturn any federal law or executive order.

The Republicans wanted to use it to block the spending bill from being signed by the president and then to force a vote on it in the House or the Senate.

So they used the CRA to overturn the omnigos spending bill in the first place.

It would be a long shot for the House to overturn a $2 trillion omnibus that the Democrats passed.

But Republicans used the CR to stop a bill that would have been much more palatable to their supporters.

And then they used their power to make it more palatial for the party.

If they got it through the CRA, they would be able to force it through on the Senate floor and then on the presidents desk.

They could have the president sign the omnichas spending bill into law and then, with a simple majority, he could veto it.

Democrats were furious.

Republicans had used the same maneuver to stop an omnisombs immigration bill.

And the Democrats, who were furious, knew they were up against the same obstacle: the Republican majority in Congress.

If Republicans were able to block a bill through the CR, it would take the Senate with it.

The next day, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that if the Democrats did not allow the spending measure to be signed into law, he would use the CR.

Democrats said they would fight it

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