A lot of black people hate Donald Trump

The black political news podcast, Politico, is calling out Donald Trump for a lot of racial comments he made while running for President, and its president is not happy.

In the first episode of the podcast, co-host Alexi Lalanne talks with President Trump about the recent protests and riots across the country.

She then asks him about why he’s been called “a racist” for making racist comments.

“I just don’t think that the word racist is a word that’s used by the majority of people,” Trump said in response.

“The majority of the country, they know what it means.

You know what the word is?

Racism,” Trump added.”

That’s what I use it for.

I’m not going to use it as a political term,” he said.

Trump then pointed out that people often use the word to refer to people who are different, rather than the word that actually means something.

“But you know what?

You know, I’m a racist.

I am.

I use that word.

That’s what it is,” he added.

Lalanne then pointed to a quote from Trump’s first speech to Congress in January, where he said “we’re gonna have to start treating people with respect.”

“What he said was, we’re gonna treat everybody with respect,” Lalanne said.

“He’s saying, we’ll start treating everybody with that respect.”

The podcast then turns to the protests over the past month, and asks Trump about why protests are happening.

“It’s just very, very divisive,” Trump told Lalanne.

“I think people have lost the ability to feel together.”

“It was an amazing moment,” she continued.

“It was the biggest political rally since Ronald Reagan in 1980.

And you know, he said something that no one in this country had ever heard before.””

I mean, he’s an entertainer.

I mean, I don’t even know if he even said it,” Trump continued.”

You know what I mean?

You have to look at what he said in his speech.

He said, we have to go out and have a lot more unity.

Thats not just rhetoric.

That is a real commitment to the future of our country,” he concluded.

Listen to the full episode below:

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