Which Republican senators would be most likely to be replaced by a Democrat?

Fox News political analyst Steve Schmidt told Fox News on Wednesday that a number of Republican senators could be replaced if Democrats take over the Senate in November.

Schmidt said that “it would be the most difficult situation for me, because I think there are two things to be able to replace a Republican senator.”

“One is, you can replace a Senator if he or she doesn’t want to stay,” Schmidt said.

“The other is if they want to leave.”

Schmidt, who has been critical of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate’s Republicans for months, said the GOP should take a more moderate position on issues like immigration reform.

“It’s just that if you’re going to be the majority party, you have to be willing to be a lot less radical than you have been.

And you can’t be more radical than what the majority is doing,” Schmidt explained.

Schmidt suggested that Senate Republicans are not doing enough to change Senate rules to allow more minority representation.

“So the first thing you need to do is get rid of the filibuster, get rid the filibuster for a whole bunch of amendments, and then you can have more than 50 Senators,” Schmidt added.

And I never did,” Schmidt concluded. “

When I was running for the U.S. Senate, I ran on the platform that I would never take money from the pharmaceutical industry.

And I never did,” Schmidt concluded.

“And I’m a very pro-business Republican, so I’m very concerned about that.”

Schmidt said he does not think that Republicans have a viable alternative to President Donald Trump, though he noted that the President is likely to continue to push for changes to the U

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