How do you become a white nationalist?

I’ve been asked that question by people I know.

They ask me if I’m going to get involved in politics.

I say, ‘I’m not.’

They say, “Well, what if you did?

What if you were elected?

What would happen if you became president?

Would you become white nationalist?”

So I answer, “Not a chance.”

My first reaction to that question is, I’ve never been a white supremacist.

I don’t like that term.

So my answer is, “I’m going with the flow.”

I don of course want to be a white nationalists, but I’m also not going to be an apologist for white supremacy.

So what would happen?

I think it would happen pretty quickly.

I think a lot of the people that are going to have this conversation and it will come out, I’m not really going to speak out on the issue.

I’m just going to listen to what people have to say.

I want to make sure that my words are not going into that vein and that they are not causing pain and pain for other people.

I have never said, “This is the way I’m gonna live.”

I have no problem with the way that my family has lived and that I want my children to live in the way my parents have lived.

So I am not going on the record saying that I am going to give in to white nationalism and I am saying, “Listen, I think you’re gonna have a good time with this.

But I am a racist.

I am racist.”

But what I will say is, that’s what I think that the majority of the country is going to do.

That’s the reality.

I was born in a very diverse neighborhood.

My parents are from a different part of the world.

They were born in Poland and have Polish roots.

My grandparents came to this country and have Irish roots.

And my mom is a teacher and a nurse, and she knows a lot about health care.

So this is who I am and that’s the way we are going.

So, yes, I will be involved.

And I think there are people who will say, why not?

Because it’s a race question, right?

But the reality is that people will say that, “But he doesn’t have a problem with race.

I understand why you’re involved in it.

You’re an American citizen.

Why don’t you just say, you know, ‘Oh, I agree with the American people that it’s fine that we’re here.'”

Well, why aren’t you?

You can say whatever you want.

But don’t say that you agree with me, because I’m one of the white nationalists.

That is a very, very big issue.

And you will see that I will have a lot to say about it.

I can’t sit here and say, I don

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