Quebec premier says party should ‘stop being a political party’

Quebec premier Bernard Drainville says the provincial party should stop being a “political party” and focus on a new initiative to transform its image as a party of the left.

The Quebec Liberal Party is in the midst of a major overhaul, with the party now saying it wants to become a more grassroots and inclusive party that works to change the culture of Quebec politics.

Quebec Liberal Party president Marcel Boivin says he wants to “make it clear that we want to take the leadership role in building a more inclusive party” to help Quebecers “get back to being proud of the province.”

The Quebec Liberals had previously said the party was working on a strategy to transform itself from a political entity to an activist one.

Boivins said the focus now is to “focus on a different kind of party” that works “on issues that are really important to Quebec.”

The party will start the process of overhauling its image this week, with Boivs office announcing plans to open a new office in Montreal and to set up a new campaign office in the city.

The premier said the goal was to “change the perception of the party, to change its image, to give people the impression that we are more inclusive than we are.”

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