The Washington Examiner is on the trail of a former Clinton staffer who said he has connections to Russia

By LOUISE SEGARASHINGTON — The Washington Times reported Wednesday that former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook told a Russian government official in a 2014 meeting that he knew who the U.S. government was “going to take out” of Russia’s “coalition of the willing” and that he believed the U,S.

and Russia were in the same league.

The article by James Ball, a Times reporter and former deputy assistant secretary of state, also says Mook asked a Russian official to set up a meeting between Clinton and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ball also says in the article that Mook did not reveal that he worked for a British intelligence agency and that Mooks “didn’t have the guts” to disclose his ties to a Russian intelligence service, a British-based intelligence service.

Ball also says that Muffins campaign, which was reportedly trying to build a Russian operation for Trump, contacted a “top Trump donor” to set it up.

The Times also said that Mudd was a senior aide to the former president George W. Bush.

Mudd, who left the Trump campaign in October 2016, told the Times that he had never met with any Russian officials during the campaign, adding that he did not know of any such meeting.

The Times also reported that Mughins communications with Mook were recorded in a private recording that Maughins provided to the FBI.

The story comes after Ball wrote a book in 2016 about Trump and his presidency, called “Trump: The Art of the Deal,” that was later retracted after Ball claimed the book contained false information.

In a statement Wednesday, the Times said that it has taken down the story because of “an ongoing criminal investigation.”

“The story in question is no longer credible, and we have taken it down,” the Times added.

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