Political commentator Vijay Singh on the rise of populism in India

The rise of the populist Bharatiya Janata Party in India is a disturbing development that should concern us all, said Vijay Singhal, a political commentator and writer based in Bengaluru.

The BJP has become the most popular political party in India and the party’s brand of populism is spreading, he told Al Jazeera.

“The BJP is a party that has lost its core base and its roots have been taken over by the RSS.

And this is a new trend in politics,” he said.

“This has come about because of the Indian economy and political system.

And it is only the BJP that is not following the country’s political tradition.

The party’s core values are now being taken over.”

India’s economic woes have taken a turn for the worse.

India is in a deep recession.

The government is trying to address the economy through fiscal stimulus and an increase in cash.

It is also looking to boost infrastructure spending to fight inflation.

But many analysts say that the Bharatiyan Samaj Party (BSP) and its allies have done a poor job of addressing the economic woes, which have led to the country being in a recession for the past five years.

“The BSP has been unable to respond to the economic crisis.

They haven’t been able to provide much in the way of fiscal stimulus, they haven’t responded to the growth situation.

This is a major factor in the recession,” said Singhal.

What happened to the Indian Communist Party?

Since the advent of the BSP in the late 1960s, the party has struggled to maintain its relevance in the political arena.

The BIP has lost most of its influence after the death of party leader Jawaharlal Nehru in 1972.

It has been the only party that remained in the Indian Parliament after the party was expelled from the Indian Constitution in 1949.

In recent years, the BIP’s influence has diminished in the country and the country has seen a rapid decline in the percentage of its population that identifies with it.

According to a recent report by the Centre for Research on Indian Politics, the Bharat Ratna Party (BRP), the ruling party of the country since 1991, has lost nearly 10 per cent of its support in the past three years, while the Congress Party has dropped by 7.7 per cent.

Singhal said that the BCP and the Congress are the two parties that have the most to gain from the Modi government’s economic policies.

“It is the BJP’s economic agenda that has helped them in their current economic situation,” he added.

Is this a return to the kind of nationalism that the country experienced in the 1920s?

The Bharatiyas nationalist ideology has been a defining characteristic of the BJP for more than 60 years.

The slogan, Bharat Jai Hind, is one of the defining slogans of the party.

And what does this mean?

India’s history of nationalism is a history of violence and repression, Singh said.

For instance, the Congress party in its early years in the early 1930s violently suppressed the independence movement in India.

Then, when India became independent in 1947, the RSS, the Hindu nationalist organisation, used violence to take power and the Indian state was placed under a curfew.

This was done to stamp out any opposition that might have emerged in the name of the Hindu nation.

AAP: The BJP’s response to the Modi crisis is also based on nationalism.

What does that mean for India’s future?

According To Amitabh Kant, a historian and senior fellow at the Centre For Research on the Indian Political Scene (CRISP), India has always been an authoritarian state.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy recently told a TV channel that he believes the BJP is trying, and will continue to attempt, to bring back “an authoritarian and dictatorial regime”.

“We are not the party that is trying for democracy.

We are trying to bring democracy back into India.

And the BJP has succeeded in doing that,” Swamy said.”

I think this is the first time that the BJP and the RSS are actually trying to re-instate their authoritarian and controlling traditions,” he continued.

What is the significance of Modi’s election victory?

In India, the BJP won its first ever parliamentary elections in Uttar Pradesh state in May.

This means that the party will be able to govern for the first six months of the new government.

If elected, the Modi administration will be the first government to adopt a policy of secularism, which includes a requirement for students to wear headscarves on university campuses.

It will also have to deal with the legacy of the 1947 partition.

How does the Modi Government plan to deal?

India has a long history of a strong democracy, and the BJP seems to be using that history to justify its authoritarian policy, Singh added.

It wants to bring a “new order” to

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