How to tell whether a GOP presidential candidate is a misogynist?

The first Republican presidential candidate to call for the death penalty for rape victims has called for more punishment for women who report sexual assault, and has called on Republicans to stop “sickening” young girls and stop “making fun of them.”

The comments come after Donald Trump said he was against punishing women who reported sexual assault.

But he has been criticized for his remarks, and Republican lawmakers in the Senate have called for him to drop out of the race.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and other Republican lawmakers on Wednesday introduced a bill that would require a court to consider the accuser’s “intent, motive and culpability” before granting the death sentence.

They said the bill would make the death-penalty penalty a federal crime, making it the “most serious form of punishment” available.

A new poll by Quinnipiac University found that two-thirds of voters said they oppose the death penalties for rape and sexual assault and that they would “consider voting to repeal” them.

The bill is expected to pass both chambers of Congress and then head to President Trump’s desk.

But Johnson said he believes Trump is “not going to be the president for the women.”

“I think he is a guy who wants to make fun of women,” Johnson told reporters.

“And I think he’s sickening young girls.

And he’s making fun of young women.

I think that’s sick.””

If you have an issue with the president or any other politician, don’t be surprised if you see him tweeting out the death of a young girl, or the death or rape of a girl, as he sees fit,” Johnson said.”

I don’t think that this is a partisan issue.

It’s an issue that we all need to address.”

The senator is one of several Republicans to introduce bills to repeal the death sentences, including Johnson, Republican Sens.

David Perdue of Georgia and Cory Gardner of Colorado and GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia.

Johnson said he had been told Trump’s comments about rape were the “single most dangerous and irresponsible comment” he has ever heard.

“We are at a moment where we have to confront the issue of the death and the sexual assault of young girls, young women,” he said.

“We cannot continue to make excuses for politicians who make statements that go against the best interests of the country and the people of the United States.”

Trump’s comments have also been a topic of discussion at the GOP convention, where he said in July that women who had consensual sex with Trump should not be allowed to sue him.

Trump has not apologized for his comments, and the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign have rejected his claims.

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