‘We’ve been told, by the FBI, that we were part of a domestic terrorist attack’: US officials

The FBI says that a US citizen who has traveled to Syria to join ISIL has been detained and questioned in Turkey, but that he was not involved in an active plot.

“The United States is aware of the arrest and questioning of an individual in Turkey who has been identified as Abdulkadir Alamoudi, a US-Turkish citizen who traveled to Turkey to join a violent foreign terrorist organization,” the FBI said in a statement released on Tuesday.

The FBI did not name Alamoude or say if he had any connections to the attacks in Brussels.

The arrest comes as the US faces increased scrutiny on its vetting of potential Syrian refugees, after a deadly attack in Paris killed 129 people in November.

The US also launched a probe into whether Turkey violated its visa restrictions when it arrested Alamoud in March.

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