Nigeria-Sudan peace talks resume after seven days of negotiations

Nairobi, Africa’s largest country, resumed peace talks in the capital on Wednesday following a seven-day break.

President Goodluck Jonathan announced a new round of talks with the countrys most violent rebel group, the Movement for the Liberation of Nigeria, or MNLN.

The two sides had previously agreed to end their conflict.

A joint statement issued by Nigeria’s government and the MNLNs representative group said the two sides agreed to resume talks in mid-January and work toward peace and reconciliation.

It also said the MNlN would withdraw its armed wing from government.

The peace talks, scheduled to be held in the presidential palace, have been held under a U.N.-brokered deal in July that saw the government agree to end its long-running conflict with the MNLP.

The talks also were to allow the MNRP to participate in an independent investigation into its role in a 1994 coup attempt against former President Goodluck Abacha.

The peace talks were to have been the last chance for Abacha to step down.

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