Chile has a gay president

CHILE’S LAGUNA, Chile — The head of Chile’s conservative party won his party’s first presidential election with a strong majority in the nation’s second largest city.

Lorenzo Sanchez, an ex-soldier, won the second round on Sunday, with 60 percent of the vote against the incumbent, who has held the post since 2013.

Sanchez, who said he is gay, said he will continue campaigning in the upcoming election, but that he was not planning to run against the former president.

Santiago Sanchez, the son of former Chilean President Sebastián Sanchez, won last year’s presidential election.

He said in a statement that he hoped to “end the war against gays and lesbians.”

Sanchez also said he would “fight for equal rights” and “end violence against gays.”

Chile’s conservative ruling party, People’s Party (PP), won last week’s elections with 61 percent of votes, the highest in the country’s history.

The party is led by former military leader Sebastião Sanchez.

The PP, which won 18 seats in parliament last year, has a majority in parliament.

The country’s conservative-led Congress also controls the countrys upper house.

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