How to read the headlines of today’s news

What’s the mood like in Barcelona? 

The weather is a bit warmer than usual, but the humidity is still high. 

What are the headlines? 

In this edition of our weekly newsletter, we look at the headlines from the week in the Catalan capital.

What’s in the headlines on Thursday? 

Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is famous for its red, white and blue colors and for its iconic red, blue and white flags. 

The city is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities, boasting a vast and diverse population that is largely comprised of immigrants from the former Spanish colonies of Portugal and Morocco. 

However, its recent history is anything but peaceful, and in recent years has been the site of a number of violent attacks and clashes, including the infamous 2002 Madrid bombing and the 2006 Catalonia independence referendum, which were both narrowly lost. 

On Wednesday, the Catalan government issued a statement saying that police had been able to find no links to the Catalan separatist groups. 

But a police spokesperson told El Mundo that there were links to a number “individuals who have already been identified”. 

The Catalan president has blamed the Spanish government for the events, while the regional police chief has said that the city is on “high alert”. 

On Monday, the Spanish Constitutional Court ruled that the separatist referendum was illegal and ordered an immediate end to the referendum, though the Catalan authorities said it could go ahead. 

Meanwhile, the Barcelona city government has launched an appeal against the ruling, with Catalan lawmakers demanding that the Catalan parliament, the Council of State, be dissolved. 

This is the second time that a Spanish court has blocked the Catalan Parliament’s ability to hold a vote. 

Barça is a city that has historically been very popular with immigrants, with many immigrants living and working in the city. 

In 2016, there were nearly a million people living in Barcelona, compared to an estimated 20,000 in the rest of Spain. 

Today’s headlines: Barbados: Catalan leader calls for Catalan referendum on independence, police say – Reuters Catalan leader Artur Mas, leader of the separatist Catalan National Assembly, said on Tuesday he is calling for the secession of Catalonia from Spain, but said the police had “detected a terrorist plot against the city”. 

Mr Mas made his comments at a press conference after Catalan President Artur de Molaş said the country was facing an “economic crisis”, while Catalan Police chief Josep Lluís Trapero said police had arrested three suspected terrorists who were “actively planning attacks against the state”. 

Catalonia: Catalan police detain three suspected Spanish terrorists over alleged terror plot – Reuters Police in the southern Spanish city of Catalonia arrested three suspects who were believed to be involved in a plot to blow up the Catalan regional government headquarters and police headquarters in Barcelona. 

Three suspects were arrested in the town of Càdiz, in the province of Valencia, in southern Spain.

Two of them were from the southern city of Girona, while one was from the city of Barcelona, according to Spain’s Interior Ministry. 

Spain’s President said on Wednesday that the state of Catalonia was facing a “economic problem” and called for an end to a regional vote on independence on Sunday. 

Police: Three suspects arrested in Catalonia, plot to attack Catalan regional parliament – Reuters Spain’s interior ministry said on Thursday that two suspects were detained in Catalonia on suspicion of planning a “terrorist attack” on the Catalan region’s regional parliament. 

Ciudadanos: Catalonian region’s top court to rule on independence referendum – Reuters The Catalan parliament will vote on Sunday on whether to declare independence from Spain.

The Catalan regional court will hold a second day of proceedings on Monday to decide whether to approve or reject the move. 

Spanish newspaper El País said the Catalan administration would ask the Constitutional Court to block the vote.

“The decision of the Catalan people, however, will not be influenced by the threats or the lies of the Spanish state,” the paper said. 

El País added that the Spanish authorities have warned that they will arrest anyone who attempts to vote, saying: “If this happens, the Constitutional Tribunal will make it illegal for anyone to vote in the referendum”. 

El Mundo: Catalan independence vote could lead to ‘war’ – Reuters Barcelona, Catalonia: Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has said the region could soon face a “war” if the referendum is approved. 

“If the referendum passes, I will use it as a pretext to declare war on Spain,” he told reporters in Barcelona on Thursday. 

Catalans will vote for independence on September 25, with the pro-independence parties, led by the separatist party, the Democratic Unionist Party (PUP), in charge of Catalonia. 

‘It will be a disaster’: Catalan regional governor says referendum

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