Conservative candidate takes a swipe at Liberal Party, gets slammed by rival candidate in Scarborough-Rouge River race

Scarborough-Lakeshore candidate Brad Halliday has slammed Liberal candidate Rob Ford, saying his comments on the death of a Toronto man and his death in police custody are “very dangerous.”

Ford has been a major critic of Halliday, who is running in the Scarborough-Richmond riding.

Halliday says he will not support Ford in the election.

Halliday said Ford is “not the person who we should be supporting in the Toronto mayoral race.”

Ford and Halliday have been sparring over the death in custody of Robert Fenton in a Toronto police van last month.

Ford said Halliday’s comments on his comments about the death are dangerous.

“The fact that you’re taking this stuff out on the people that you have supported and you’re calling them liars and they don’t have the guts to stand up and defend themselves and you want to discredit them is very dangerous,” Halliday said.

“I mean, it’s very dangerous.

You know, we’ve got a number of people who have done terrible things, Rob Ford included, who have gone to jail for it.”

Ford says Halliday is lying, but Halliday tells CBC News the candidate will not back down.

Ford said in a statement that he is “very disappointed” Halliday did not back him up when he called the Ford family a “f**king joke.”

He said Hallance will be forced to apologize to the Ford children for his comments.

Ford and his wife, Councillor Karen Stintz, are expected to formally announce the winner of the Scarborough North mayoral race on Monday.

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