Hockey star is the face of Trump, ‘Make America Great Again’

The president of the NHL Players’ Association says Donald Trump is the “face” of his league.

NHL players are scheduled to hold a press conference Friday morning.

The news comes after Trump criticized the league’s president, Donald Fehr, on Twitter.

NHLPA President Donald Fehl is the head of the @NHL, not the President of the United States.

@realDonaldTrump: @nhl @realDonaldTrump – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 16, 2017″Donald is a terrible leader,” NHLPA president Donald Fehm said in a statement.

“We have the same goals and the same vision: to help the American people get ahead, create opportunities and build great companies.”

“The President’s actions and comments have caused divisions and hurt the professional and political interests of many of our players,” the statement continued.

“They have further damaged our business, created uncertainty for our players and harmed the League’s reputation.”

In a separate tweet, Trump criticized NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

He said Bettman should be fired because of his support of Trump.

“Gary Bettman has been doing a great job for the NHL, with a great respect for the players and the game, and for many years will be greatly missed,” Trump said.

“He deserves a very big THANK YOU to the people of our great country and country.”

Trump’s criticism was not limited to the NHL.

Trump has also said the league should be disbanded.

“The NHL is going bankrupt.

They can’t even make the games, the owners are not allowed to even do their jobs, and the owners want to make the players take a pay cut,” Trump tweeted.

“The League is going to be begging for your vote.

The NFL and NFLPA are begging for YOUR vote.

They should be forced to sell their teams, to pay off their debts, to make their games bigger, and to give all their valuable players a raise.

The NBA should be allowed to sell its assets to raise its games and to offer millions of dollars to its players.

The NHL should have a new commissioner and owners should have to agree on who should take over the league.

This will end the problem of corruption in the NFL and allow the league to return to the strength and integrity of the NFL it was once known for.”

Trump has not commented on the NHL’s current troubles.

The league issued a statement after the tweetstorm:”We are in no way endorsing the statements made by President Trump.

Our league stands for the same things we always have: our values, our values are simple: fairness, integrity, accountability and the rule of law.

We believe President Trump’s statements are inconsistent with those values.

We will continue to be transparent, and will not hesitate to defend our players.

This is an unfortunate situation and we are working with the appropriate parties to understand what the right course of action is.”

The NHL has been the subject of criticism from both the players’ union and the Trump administration.

The union has criticized the president’s use of Twitter, saying he has repeatedly insulted players and their families.

“If this president were president of any other country, he would be impeached,” union president Donald Katz told the Washington Post in January.

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