What we know about the floridas politics of 2016 and 2017

The political world has never been more politicized than it is now.

The Trump era has left a toxic legacy.

In many ways, the Trump era of politics in Florida has been one of the most toxic.

The first two years of his presidency were an utter disaster for Florida, as Trump’s efforts to undermine the state’s reputation on immigration and trade, and his campaign promises to punish the political class, left the state feeling as if its political establishment had no purpose in life.

There were so many people in power in Florida who were hostile to Florida’s political system and to the citizens who elected them.

And yet, the political establishment, including the Democratic Party, never really took on the task of holding Trump accountable.

The Democrats, who had a powerful ally in the White House, were largely powerless in the face of the president’s attacks.

And even if they had, the president could have done so much worse than to do it himself.

In Florida, there was no real accountability in government for the president, no real sense of accountability for the party he represented.

The state’s political establishment was in thrall to Trump and the GOP’s base, and even those loyal to the party saw the need to defend their interests.

And so it was that in the final months of the 2016 presidential election, Florida elected a Republican governor, Scott Walker, as the state became more and more Trump loyalist.

Walker’s actions were both dangerous and immoral.

They had the effect of weakening the state political system in the eyes of voters.

But he also represented a major political defeat for the Democratic establishment, and a major victory for Trump.

While the Democratic-controlled legislature failed to pass legislation to address the problems with the economy, it did pass legislation that created the state with one of its largest state government programs.

And in the state of Florida, Walker’s reforms created a system in which Republicans and their allies could spend millions of dollars and influence the political process.

This is not to say that Walker’s programs did not improve the lives of Florida’s working families, especially those in the coastal areas.

They did.

But it is to say there was absolutely no accountability.

In short, the governor and the Democratic legislature did not do enough to address Florida’s problems.

There was no political system to hold the Republican-led legislature accountable.

There is an obvious answer to this problem.

The Democratic Party must work to change the system in Florida, but its role in that process is very limited.

And the Democratic party’s primary role in the Trump presidency has been to hold Trump accountable, and to hold him accountable in return for its loyalty.

This has not been an easy task.

There have been numerous instances in which Trump’s administration has used the power of its office to attack the Democratic parties’ ability to hold Republicans accountable.

Trump has tried to take over Florida’s governor’s mansion in 2019, and the legislature failed in its attempt to hold that governor accountable.

He also tried to appoint a new Republican governor in 2020.

There has been no such thing as a “reform of the rules,” and the fact that the Republican legislature is in charge of the process and the Democrats in charge does not mean the party is going to change.

The political establishment is in thrance to the Trump agenda, and it does not see any reason why it would change.

And when the Trump administration has threatened to take actions against the state, Florida has taken the opposite course and defended itself, even as it has shown little inclination to take a hardline stance on immigration.

It has been Trump’s response to these threats, and in Florida he has used these threats to advance his agenda.

But there is no question that Trump’s actions have left a mark on the state.

Florida has experienced a massive drop in the number of Floridians who have insurance and are insured.

Florida also saw a drop in jobs in the manufacturing sector, as companies have abandoned the state and are moving elsewhere.

Florida now has fewer jobs than it did when Donald Trump was president.

It now has more than 2 million people living in poverty, with a population that has doubled in the past five years.

In addition, the state has seen a sharp increase in the unemployment rate, as more and less people are choosing to leave the state to seek work elsewhere.

The governor and his Democratic legislative allies have done nothing to address these issues.

And, in Florida’s case, their role has been limited.

It is difficult to imagine that a Democratic governor or legislative leader would be able to create a system that would hold the Democratic legislative leadership accountable in the future.

The problem with the Democratic political establishment in Florida is that it has no plan to change things.

It simply doesn’t have the political capital to change its policies.

Florida’s politics are based on a Republican platform.

The party has been the dominant force in the Legislature since the mid-1970s.

This means that it can do little to make changes to the system without alienating the voters

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