Washington Post story: ‘The biggest threat’ is the Russian president

The Washington Post has published a story about the potential for Russia to use its influence over the United States to push for war with the United Kingdom.

The story, titled ‘The Russian threat: The biggest threat is Donald Trump’ and based on a new study, is a continuation of the same line of thinking that Washington Post writer John Judis, a former CIA analyst and foreign policy adviser, has previously pushed for.

The report is part of a larger push by some in the U.S. administration to see Russia as the major existential threat to the United State.

“The Russians, of course, are the largest and most powerful foreign power,” said a senior administration official.

“But the Russians also have a number of allies in the region.

And those allies are the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

So, if the Russians are a threat, then it’s a threat to our allies and partners.”

In a speech last week in Turkey, Saudi King Salman said Russia was trying to “steal the U, and it’s the first time that’s been done in our lifetimes.”

The Saudi king said the U is now “an American puppet state” and was seeking “to divide the world, to destabilize the world.”

The president of the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said the Kremlin “has been working for years to destabilise the world through hacking, cyberattacks, propaganda, and propaganda.”

The Washington Times reported that a report in January showed Russia was using its influence to “drive a wedge between the West and the rest of the world” in its effort to undermine the United Sates leadership in the Middle East.

“It is clear that the Kremlin’s influence efforts are having an impact on the U.”

The New York Times reported in March that Russian hackers had hacked the Democratic National Committee and stole emails and other documents.

The Times report was based on leaked emails and internal emails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

It was followed by a Reuters story in July that alleged Russian intelligence agencies had hacked Democratic political organizations and stole documents.

“Russia has made clear it wants to undermine Western interests, and its actions have been intended to do so,” Judis wrote in the New York Post article.

“Russian leaders have sought to use the political turmoil in the United STATES to undermine U. S. interests.”

The report, titled “The Russian Threat: The most dangerous threat is Trump” comes at a time when the Trump administration is trying to move away from its support for NATO and the United states involvement in the fight against the Islamic State.

It is also part of an effort by the White House to shift attention from its failure to act against the Russian hacking, which is widely considered to have been orchestrated by Russian intelligence, and to its failure in responding to Russian attempts to influence the U and its allies in Europe, Asia, and the Middle States.

The administration, however, is also pushing the idea that Russia is the main existential threat.

The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which runs a global analysis of national security threats, says Russia is “the single most dangerous foreign power to the world today.”

The CSIS report says Russia “is likely to achieve its goals of undermining the West by manipulating information, creating new actors, and manipulating global politics in its favor.

Russia has made it clear it is willing to use this influence to destabilization of the West.”

The group has also called for “a strategic, sustained and robust response to Russia’s cyberattacks” and for the U to take “more aggressive measures” against Moscow.

“As the U.’s adversaries, we must stand up to Russia, the Kremlin, and all its proxies for their malicious actions against us,” the CSIS article says.

“We must also confront Russia in the international arena, through NATO, the United Nation’s Security Council, and in the face of its hostile actions.”

Judis’ book, The Great Game: The Inside Story of the Russian Coup, is scheduled for release on Nov. 13.

Judis is an adviser to the National Security Council staff, but he is not an official White House adviser.

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