‘Beware: The World’s Weirdest Political Parties’ reveal in this special episode of The Globe & Mail!

Indonesia has the highest number of parties in the world, with an estimated 30,000 parties.

These parties are the biggest in the country and have been in the news a lot in the past year.

In this special podcast episode, we take a look at some of the strangest parties in Indonesia.

The party leaders we spoke to have a lot of colourful stories to tell.

The members of these parties are very different from each other.

We also hear from some of them.

What does it mean to be a political party in Indonesia?

We start with the party leaders and the people who run them.

They are the ones who run the party, not the leader.

This is not an easy task because the leadership and the party are two very different things.

Indonesia is a small country of 4.4 million people.

It is a country that is very politically divided.

The country has a parliamentary system, and the parties that form the coalition government are divided into three groups: the Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF), the Social Democratic Party of Indonesia (PSPJ), and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

Each group has a different set of rules and practices.

What is the political party system in Indonesia and what do the rules say about who can run?

Political parties are separate from governments.

In Indonesia, you can run for office, but you can only run for a particular party.

The party has to be part of the coalition.

The parties do not have the same number of members as the government and cannot directly appoint ministers.

Parties cannot get any seats in the parliament, and they cannot form a coalition government.

Parties are not allowed to run for any other office, so a party has a clear line between itself and the government.

Who is the leader of a political Party?

Party leaders are chosen by the party and then confirmed by the central government.

These are usually people who have served in the military or in the police, and who are well-connected.

They must also be members of the party.

How do these people work?

In Indonesia there are three levels of leadership.

There are two levels of party leadership, the regional and the national.

Each level has its own rules, regulations and regulations are usually more lax.

But at least, there is a system of checks and balances.

Is there a leader for every province?


There is only one leader for each province.

When a party decides to run, who decides how it will run?

The party decides who will run the campaign.

The leader of the campaign decides how the party will run.

How do these decisions impact the parties membership?

Parties must meet regularly.

At least once a month, the party can decide who should represent it at meetings.

There should also be elections for the party’s leadership.

Is there a process to determine who will be in charge of the Party?

There is no formal process to appoint the party leader.

There have been reports of the Indonesian National Election Commission (NEDC) not taking into account the opinions of party members.

Do party leaders get the same amount of money as party members?


Party leaders have the power to raise money for their campaigns.

They also have a responsibility to maintain the party in good standing.

There may be exceptions to this rule.

For example, if the party is accused of a crime, the leader could face criminal prosecution.

If a party leader dies, the political leader has the right to take over the party without a new leader being appointed.

Party members can also decide who will serve as party president.

What do the party members expect from their leaders?

The members expect the party to be politically active and have a clear political agenda.

This includes policies that will benefit the people, as well as issues that are important to the party itself.

Why do the leaders keep changing?

Sometimes, leaders decide to leave their party and take another position.

Others decide to stay with the same party and try to remain in power.

What are the party rules?

In Indonesian politics, there are five main party rules: 1.

The rule of law: Members of the ruling party have the right not to act against the party unless the party has been proven guilty.


No corruption: The party does not have any corruption.


The right to vote: Members have the vote.


The separation of powers: The members can make their own decisions.


The autonomy of the executive branch: The executive branch is allowed to make decisions without the support of the legislative body.

Does a political leader have the legal right to be assassinated?

Yes, if it is against the interests of the country.

If the party finds that a leader is not fulfilling the party mission, the Party can call for an investigation.

There has been no formal investigation.

Are there political parties that have a more

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