When the new PM takes over: A look at what the future holds

Lebanon’s political situation has not changed much in the past six months, and there is still a long way to go for the party to make a big push in the polls.

But the political landscape has changed dramatically in the last six months and the new Prime Minister has a lot of work to do.

On November 2, the party was left with a choice between two candidates: Muthu Prasad Yadav and Nagesh Prasan Yadav.

Muthus were already in the midst of a political meltdown when Yadav resigned from his ministerial post, leaving Yadav to run for president of Karnataka.

Yadav was already a well-known figure in Karnataka politics.

He is the son of the former Chief Minister, Kannada-speaking Madhavappa Yadav, who died in 2013.

He was also the party’s spokesperson and spokesperson for the Left, which he headed from 1998 to 2006.

His father, K. Nageswara Rao, was also a senior bureaucrat in the Karnataka state government and served as chief minister from 1996 to 2001.

Yedawal Yadav is the younger brother of Muthuram Yadav , the former Minister for Women and Child Development.

He also serves as the chairman of the Karnakaran Jana Sangharsh Samiti, a local organization that campaigns for gender equality.

Yeedawal’s political career began when he was selected to run against his elder brother Muthunam Yadava in a by-election for the state’s assembly in April 2014.

The results were announced in May 2014.

Yadi Kaur Yadav had also contested the assembly election against Muthukumar Yadav for the same position, but lost to the incumbent.

Yadi was elected to the assembly as a non-politician and is now the BJP’s spokesperson for Kannadiga, the area in Kannataka’s northern state of Karnaland where Yadi resides.

Yadhav was elected as the new Karnataka Prime Minister in June, replacing Muthuvappa Yadava, who had held the post since 2010.

He has been the most powerful political figure in the state since taking over the reins of the government in December 2014.

The new Prime minister has also taken over the party as a whole, but the party has yet to make much of an impact.

The party lost nearly 1,000 seats in the assembly elections.

The BJP is now projected to lose almost 2,000.

The state party has also lost nearly 2,600 seats in general elections since May 2014, with the BJP getting a majority of the seats.

Yaldia Yadav Yadav has a long history in politics, but he has made no public appearances in the first six months of his new government.

He left the BJP in September last year, saying he was not ready to serve the party anymore.

Yalav is currently the chairman and member of the BJP state executive, which oversees the party and the state government.

Yedawala has been its executive vice-president since December 2016.

The government has also failed to make any substantive progress on the issues that have plagued the party in recent years.

The main problem is that the party still does not have a clear policy or strategy for dealing with the state, the Centre or the Congress in Karnal.

Yudhviraj Chavan is the state BJP chief, while Yedhiraj Sinha is the party president.

Sinha was also chief minister of Karnaganad from 2013 to 2015.

Sinha was an MLA in the Kannur assembly, and was the party leader for two consecutive terms in the same constituency.

Sinhal has also been in charge of the state party since 2012.

In a recent interview with the Times of India, Sinha said the party had to address issues like the land acquisition process and the implementation of the land bill.

Sinhe said the BJP has a strong policy for the development of the State, but its policies are not concrete and can change at any time.

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