Why Donald Trump is the greatest president of all time

Donald Trump was the greatest political leader of our time, a leader who made a promise to the American people to build a great, great wall along our southern border.

He vowed to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, cut taxes for working families, repeal Obamacare, and make America great again.

And he did just that.

We are the greatest people we have ever seen in our country, the greatest government we have seen in the world, and we will make America proud again.

The United States of America is truly blessed and blessed to have a man like this as our president.

But we must continue to do our part to make America Great Again.

We must keep our promises to our citizens, and to our people.

We can no longer allow the political correctness to define our country.

We cannot allow the hatred of others to divide us.

We will never let political correctness divide us again.

As we look to the future, it is important to remember that America has a long and proud history of welcoming immigrants and those fleeing persecution.

I know this because I am one of them.

In the 1960s, we were welcoming hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese immigrants.

And as our country began to emerge from the Vietnam War, many Americans were encouraged to embrace the new way of life.

We have come a long way.

But I know from personal experience that America still faces the challenges that were created by our immigration policies in the 1950s and 1960s.

Many of our most recent arrivals have been victims of the War on Drugs, the War in Vietnam, and the civil rights movement.

I am hopeful that we will work with our fellow citizens to create a new kind of society, based on common sense, common decency, and shared values.

But to accomplish this, we must also make sure that we do not allow the hateful rhetoric of some to define who we are.

We do not have to be perfect.

We don’t have to create laws that are perfect.

But it is our job to create policies that are the best that we can.

And we must do it because, when we look back at history, we see that there is no single country or individual who embodies all of the American ideals that we hold dear.

We all have our own personal stories, and they have their own unique stories.

But they are all part of a great American story.

They are our stories.

I believe that every American, no matter where they come from, whether they speak English or not, regardless of their religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or political views, should be able to participate fully in our democratic society.

And I believe it is time for America to do the same.

We should be open to the idea that we are better than any nation on earth.

We deserve to live in a country where our children will be safe and secure, where our leaders will be free to lead the country, and where every person in this country, regardless or where they are born, has the right to pursue their dreams and to live their lives.

We believe that the pursuit of happiness, love, and opportunity is a right that should be shared by every person, regardless if they are of one particular race, one religion, or one gender.

And that we must ensure that the law, our values, our principles, our history, and our traditions are the bedrock of our nation.

It is the responsibility of every American to speak up, and it is the obligation of every person to stand up.

We know that the United States is at the center of the world.

And to be part of the greatest democracy on Earth, we should respect the sovereignty of others and respect the freedom of others.

This is the essence of the democratic process.

We as a people have the right, in a free and open society, to decide how we are governed.

We also have the obligation to defend that right to be sovereign, and this is the core of what our country stands for.

But let me be clear.

We reject the idea of the use of violence or threats of violence to achieve our ends.

And if you look at the history of our country — and let me make this clear — I am not referring to the past.

I’m referring to how our country is run today.

The past is our heritage.

The future is our destiny.

And the American dream is the vision that our forebears fought to create.

And while we may have different views about the path forward, the vision of our forebearers was one that embodied all of our American ideals.

It included liberty and justice for all, equality before the law — the basic American values that this country is founded on.

The American Dream is the dream that all of us have a chance to fulfill, that no one should ever have to go back to poverty, or have to turn away from the American Dream.

And for those who seek to break that dream, the American promise is to rise up and lead, not only as Americans, but as Americans of all colors and creeds. We

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