How to stop the ‘fake news’ Trump’s administration is peddling

The Trump administration is using a tool it has been using for years to push fake news, according to a report by the New Scientist.

It’s known as the “alternative fact” playbook.

It is based on the work of academics and journalists who have found that using an ideological lens, which has the effect of reducing the degree of uncertainty and uncertainty about what actually happens, reduces the likelihood of false or misleading information.

The alternative fact playbook also relies on the use of a range of tactics to try to reduce uncertainty.

The most important one is to exaggerate the likelihood that a particular event will happen, for example by citing an event that doesn’t exist.

The second most important tactic is to focus on one event, so as to distract people from the broader context of the whole, and the third is to try and shift attention from the fact that a certain event will occur to what will happen next.

But the most important technique to use is to keep people distracted by the idea that an event is likely to happen and to focus only on the fact of it happening.

It turns out that these tactics are also effective in a climate of uncertainty, where the government and the press increasingly share information and opinions with each other.

This is because, as one of the authors of the new paper says, the “government’s own official narrative has become increasingly distorted by a political culture which is increasingly willing to use alternative facts as a means of controlling political debate”.

And as we’ve seen with Trump’s recent claims that the US has been “losing” the war in Afghanistan, there’s an increased demand for alternative facts to be used to justify US military interventions.

This can be seen by comparing the two articles on the Alternative Fact playbook.

The first one says that US troops are losing in Afghanistan because the Afghan government is “ignoring” them, but the second one says the US is losing in the war because the Taliban “won”.

What you need to know about Brexit The UK’s referendum on leaving the European Union is now set to take place on 29 June.

We’re running a series of articles about what’s happening in the UK right now.

Here’s what you need read about Brexit.

What’s happening at the top The US president has just ordered the US military to “bomb” Syria, with the White House saying the purpose is to “liberate” civilians, but it’s not clear if this means bombing the Syrian government or civilians.

Here are some other developments. 

A US judge has ruled that Trump’s order to launch missiles at Syria was illegal, as Trump claims he wanted to protect civilians from a “genocide”.

The US is also preparing to launch an attack on Syria in retaliation for the US bombing of a Syrian airbase. 

President Trump ordered the launch of cruise missiles into Syria, which are intended to hit the Shayrat airbase, Syria’s air base. 

US President Donald Trump has issued a new order ordering the US airforce to attack Syria from warships, aircraft and drones, the Associated Press reports.

The president’s order calls for the launching of cruise missile strikes from warships at targets in Syria, the AP reports. 

On Wednesday, the White Helmets rescue workers said they had been attacked by Russian air strike aircraft near the Syrian border. 

The US State Department has called on Russia to “immediately halt the use, supply, and export of chemical weapons”, as a “war crime” and “grave violation of international law”. 

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on Thursday calling on the Syrian regime to stop chemical weapons attacks and for the UN to investigate the incident. 

More than 100 people, including at least 40 children, were killed in a reported chemical attack on Idlib, Syria, in late April, when at least 50 people were killed. 

In addition to the chemical attack, Syrian government forces also carried out a US-led air strike on a medical facility in Idlib, killing several civilians. 

At least 13 people were reported to have died after US jets struck a Syrian rebel position in the town of Hama on Tuesday. 

Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin are meeting for a rare meeting at the White Room in Washington. 

Trump and his administration have said the chemical attacks were a response to what they describe as “a chemical attack by the regime”.

But Russia has denied that, saying it was responding to the US-Russian agreement to end a US cruise missile attack against Syria that killed several people. 

‘It’s time to talk’ On Tuesday, the US announced that it would take further action to stop Syria from using chemical weapons. 

“It’s clear that the Assad regime is continuing to use these weapons against its own people,” the president said in a statement. 

This morning, Trump signed an executive order to lift a US ban on US military aid to the Syrian rebels, according a senior administration official. Earlier

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