Why I think Bernie Sanders should be president of the United States

When I first started thinking about running for president in 2016, I thought I would be a Democrat.

But then Bernie Sanders got elected to the Senate, which is a lot like being a congressman, and I realized that I could be a Democratic candidate for president.

In fact, I was a Sanders supporter in 2016.

But after that, I decided that I wasn’t interested in running for office, and decided that my first priority should be to become the president of Vermont.

When I decided to run for president, I didn’t expect that my second term would be so challenging.

And the first time that I ran for president was in my own home state of Vermont, when I was just starting out in my career as a journalist, which was pretty difficult.

I didn.

But I felt like I had to make some sacrifices to get where I am.

The hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do is to give up a good job.

I’ve never had a job where I felt that I had done enough to make it worth living, but that’s what I had given up in Vermont.

In the beginning, I realized I had a very difficult time getting traction in the Democratic primary.

I had spent the last four years building a very good and loyal base of support among young people.

And it wasn’t because of any lack of ambition or anything like that.

But it was because of the perception that I was not progressive enough, or that I didn�t have the kind of experience that people saw in the primaries.

And then, after Bernie Sanders was elected president, it was very clear that I�d not be able to compete with Hillary Clinton for progressive support.

The perception of me as a candidate who wasn�t progressive enough or didn�T have the experience, was so pervasive, and so pervasive in that caucus, that I started thinking that maybe I was going to have to get out of the race.

So I had two options: I could try to get in the race and just be a spoiler or I could stay in the caucus and do what I did in Vermont, which I did, which means I stayed in the campaign, and that I helped Bernie Sanders win.

And what I realized after that was that I would have to be much more effective than just being a spoiler, because the majority of the caucus didn� t see me as the person who would bring people together.

The caucus was not unified.

It wasn� t a strong coalition.

It was a party, a network, and people in the caucuses didn�’t see me.

It didn� T work out that way, because I ended up losing the primary to Hillary Clinton by a wide margin.

The Democrats needed a candidate that they could win over and build on. And that�s what Bernie Sanders has been able to do, and he has the chance to do it again.

I had a really good run in Vermont and it was so easy for me to be successful, but I was very frustrated at how the campaign turned out.

When you go to the polls, there�s not much that is a secret.

There�s just a lot of talk, but no one really knows what is going on in the campaigns.

And so I started to question, What happens when we get into the general election?

I thought that I knew the answer, but then I realized, That�s a lot more complicated than I thought.

The campaign itself was really hard.

There was so much focus on me as an issue.

It�s like a really big election.

There is so much talk, there is so little action.

And when it comes to the general, it is going to be very hard to have a winning campaign if we don�t really have a winner.

That was my biggest concern.

So we went through a period of trying to get Bernie Sanders to come to the table.

We had a meeting with him at the end of April, and then we had a couple of more meetings with him.

And I think what I really want to make clear is that Bernie Sanders had a tremendous amount of faith in me, and had great confidence in the people who were helping him run this campaign, that he would do everything in his power to get this thing done.

So, I think he was committed to the campaign.

He said, We�ll see you in November.

I thought he would be able, but he did not.

He had a number of people in his camp who had a vested interest in him not doing the things that he did.

So there was this big rift in his team.

And you know, we had to go through the process of getting some of these folks into positions of power and making sure that we could work with them.

And we had some very important people who helped Bernie work through this process, like his former campaign manager, Tad Devine, who is now the

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