How to stay ahead of the GOP’s “new normal” agenda

By Mark HaywoodPublished September 09, 2018 08:04:03Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is warning his fellow Republicans that they should not expect to stay on top of the country’s “dangerous” political landscape anytime soon.

The Senate Minority Leader said in a statement on Friday that “the Republican Party has lost its way” and that “their policies and agenda are dangerous.”

“They’re not going to get a good deal out of the Affordable Care Act and they won’t get a fair deal from the Supreme Court,” Cotton said.

“We need to focus on making America safer, growing our economy, and getting our country back on track.”

Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois has also been vocal in his opposition to the Trump administration’s agenda.

The Illinois senator has called for a “complete shutdown” of federal agencies, called the Trump Administration’s “siege mentality” “deeply troubling” and warned that “if the country does not heed the warning, we may have a new dangerous moment ahead of us.”

“Our nation will be less safe if we continue to put our priorities ahead of our national security,” Kirk said in an op-ed for The Hill.

The White House, meanwhile, has been more aggressive in pushing back against Republican Senate leaders.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Friday, “We will not allow the Republican Party to become the party of obstruction.”

She continued: “The president and the Republican senators are taking an approach that’s wrong.

They’re not prepared to work with Republicans on issues like tax reform, health care, and climate change.”

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