How to get in on the ground in the Netherlands election: How to join the political revolution

In the Netherlands, the country that is the country of the Netherlands and its people, a massive mobilization is underway in an effort to stop the next government.

This movement has seen millions of people come together and demonstrate in the streets of the country.

Many of these demonstrations have been in the name of a single candidate, but many have been about the same people that participated in the election campaign.

The election of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who is currently seeking reelection, has become the most visible of the political rallies in recent weeks, and a key reason why it has drawn so much attention in the country, and in the world.

There is no doubt that this election is going to be very significant for the future of the United Kingdom, but it will also have a profound impact on the world, and that’s the main reason why so many people are organizing in this campaign.

Mark Rutte is known for his liberal policies, but he is also known for a very different approach to the world that has left him with a number of very deep wounds.

He is a staunch supporter of the NATO alliance, and he has repeatedly expressed his concerns about the rise of Islamic extremism.

Many people have criticized him for this.

But it has been the other way around, and now he is taking his concerns to the international community, to the United Nations, and to the European Union.

It’s important to understand how the campaign is taking place, and how people are trying to influence it.

This is the third time that the Netherlands is going through a major political rally.

There were many rallies in 2015, but this year, it is going all out, and people are gathering at all kinds of places to make their voices heard.

And this time around, a lot of the organizers are from different parts of the world — from the Netherlands to Turkey.

This campaign is not just about a single politician, and it is not a single party.

The idea is to bring together different groups of people, and the people that are participating are diverse and they are also part of a much broader movement that has been growing since the election of the U.K. to have a global democracy.

So this campaign is really a cross-sectoral, multigenerational, global campaign, and this is how the movement has been unfolding over the last several months.

It’s a very international campaign, with people from all over the world coming together to help to make sure that our democracy is preserved.

The goal is to make our democracy more secure, more fair, more inclusive, and more democratic.

This is a very difficult campaign, but I’m sure it’s going to take us a long time to accomplish this goal.

Mark is one of the most important people in this country, but also he is an incredibly difficult person to deal with, and when he’s in the heat of the moment, he’s very emotional.

But this campaign, it’s really not that easy to handle, because there is no question that this is the most challenging election that has ever taken place in the United States.

The first time that we had a president elected with a clean majority, it was a pretty difficult time for people.

There was a lot going on, and there were so many things that needed to be done, and so many problems that needed solving.

But we’ve made tremendous strides in a short period of time, and I think that this campaign has demonstrated that.

There are still many things we still need to work on, but what we have now is a really, really strong coalition.

And so this is a moment where we are at a critical moment, and we have the ability to make some very big strides forward, because the stakes have been raised, and all of us have a lot to gain from this election.

In the Netherlands we’ve had a really tough time with the rise in extremism.

In 2015, we had many incidents in which we saw people being beaten or killed, but nothing like this.

Now there is a lot more attention being paid to the threat of Islamic terrorism.

People are looking to make this election a success, and they’ve mobilized.

They’re coming together, they’re having rallies, they are organizing.

They are very engaged.

I think this is really important to see.

I really think that the campaign in the U!


has been very important.

It has been a real catalyst for people to come together, and also for people who are concerned about the situation to come out and be heard.

It is important for people from other countries to be part of this campaign in order to make a difference, to make things happen.

This campaign is very much about our democracy.

This article originally appeared on the CBS News website.

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