What happened on Wednesday?

Posted September 29, 2018 14:30:31The latest in the political drama in the West Australian seat of West Perth has seen the Greens lose their seat and the Labor Party take over the seat of Fremantle.

Key points:Key points West Perth is now a seat for Labor in WA’s federal Parliament, with the Greens’ candidate for the seat, Pauline Hanson, taking the seat from Labor’s Pauline JaffreIt is the first time since 1990 that the Greens have contested a WA electionBoth the Labor and Labor-aligned parties have called for an independent inquiry into the West Perth High Court judgment, which overturned the WA Government’s ban on same-sex marriageKey pointsThe Greens have been campaigning to keep the seat on the ballotThis week’s election is the last before the state holds a regional election, which is the final one before the end of the parliament.

A key issue in the campaign was the decision by the WA Parliament to overturn the state’s ban against same-gender marriage.

Key point:The Greens’ Pauline Fonseca was victorious in West Perth after losing her seat in 2016West Perth was once a seat of the Australian Labor Party, and it is now the seat for the party’s candidate for WA’s Federal Parliament.

But the party was forced to withdraw its candidate in 2017 after being defeated by Labor in the state election.

Pauline Fonsalas election victory was seen as a sign that the state would return to the Commonwealth, and she said the ruling was “an insult to the millions of Australians who have voted for Labor to deliver a fairer society”.

“The Greens will fight for WA in the next election and fight on to ensure that marriage equality is not only a reality for WA families but a reality across Australia,” Ms Foncals election victory said in a statement.

“Our commitment to equal marriage means we will not only fight to defend the rights of gay and lesbian couples, but to make sure that our state’s children, and children across the country, will have the opportunity to grow up in a community free of discrimination and prejudice.”


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