Kogi has no plan to curb cow slaughter in Kogi’s district

Kogi is yet to take any action to curb the slaughter of cattle in the district of Kakogi, where the BJP government is in power.

In fact, the district’s chief minister, Suresh Kumar, has not even visited the district to discuss cow protection.

A few days back, Kogi police commissioner Manish Pandey had claimed that the district administration had no plans to enforce a ban on cow slaughter.

Pandey’s remarks came after a video of a mob of people beating a cow was shared on social media.

The video was posted by the Facebook page of Kogi BJP MLA Prakash Chaudhary.

On Wednesday, BJP MP Prakasha Kumar, a member of the Kakogi government, told The Hindu that he had not heard about Pandey being sent for a meeting.

“The district administration has not asked anyone for any action,” he said.

“I am not aware of any meeting taking place to discuss any such issue.”

According to the Kogi district administration, the issue of cow slaughter is under discussion at the local level.

A video posted on the official Facebook page by Chaudhati Kogi MLA Raghunath Mishra shows an agitated mob of about a dozen people in front of a local temple.

In the video, a mob is seen dragging a cow that is being killed in the middle of the road.

A senior police officer, however, denied any such meeting was taking place.

“We have been talking about the issue in the police station,” he told The Hindustan Times.

The officer added that the issue had not been raised with any local political leader.

The chief minister is also yet to address the issue.

Earlier this month, a video on social networking site Whatsapp, which has been deleted, showed a mob dragging a dead cow into a public place.

In a tweet, Mishra said, “A cow was killed in Kakogi on Monday evening by a mob in a public area.

The cow was not only dragged to the place, it was also burnt.

There were also a few people present in the area.

There was no police presence in the place.

There are also no reports of any attempt to cover up the incident.”

The district police had also issued a statement in December 2016 that stated that it was not possible to impose any ban on the slaughter and that any action would be taken against those involved.

In March this year, a local BJP leader, Kavita Gupta, was beaten up by a group of cow protection activists.

Gupta was taken to the hospital for treatment but she died.

The BJP has also claimed that her death was caused by the violence by cow protectionists.

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