Why are we still debating the fate of the Singapore parliament?

There is still debate in Singapore over whether the country’s parliament should remain as is.

The current system was introduced in 2010 to give parliament a larger and more diverse voice, but there has been no sign that the new system has been popular with voters.

Now, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong taking over, there is growing pressure to replace the parliament with a new system.

The Singapore Political Science Association, an umbrella group representing academics, has said it has raised concerns about the system in a report that says a parliamentary committee on parliamentary reforms must consider the possibility of scrapping the current system.

Its president, Tan Yee Ping, said the government is not “interested” in debating the future of the parliament.

The government has made no public comment on the report.

In a statement, the Singapore Centre for Policy Research, a think tank, said it believes that Singapore’s system is “one of the most transparent in the world.”

“We hope that Singaporeans will now come to realize that we are not the only ones with concerns,” it said.

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