How to find the best Trump speech at the Republican National Convention

President Donald Trump and his supporters have been using speeches to hammer away at Hillary Clinton for months, but now the GOP’s platform committee has decided that the party’s standard-bearer should be given the platform for a full speech.

The platform committee voted Thursday to give the speech to Trump, and to a large extent, it’s a win for him.

This will be Trump’s first convention speech since winning the 2016 election, and the GOP platform committee is doing the best they can to make sure that happens, according to multiple sources who spoke with The Daily Beast.

Trump is not going to have a speech that is nearly as powerful as his coronation speech, but this is the speech he wants to give to his supporters.

That’s a big deal, since Trump has been saying all along that he wants a speech to be given to the convention, and it’s likely he will have a big speech on Thursday, when the delegates will be officially sworn in.

The delegates have voted to give Trump a platform speech.

It’s the first time that the platform committee, made up of Trump loyalists, has given a speech.

This is going to be the speech that will define Trump’s presidency.

The committee’s recommendation to the platform’s chair, Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., came as a surprise to many people who are familiar with the committee’s workings.

Pence has been a staunch Trump supporter and a staunch supporter of Trump’s.

The decision to give a speech with the platform platform committee in the spotlight is a big win for Pence.

Trump’s team has been working for weeks to create the platform, but it wasn’t until the last few days that they finally decided to get involved.

The Trump campaign was told that Pence had a speech prepared and ready for the platform that would be released to the delegates.

The campaign was hoping for a speech from Pence, but when the committee finally decided that it was Trump’s turn to give, they were disappointed.

Pence had been planning to give his speech for days, but the committee didn’t get around to putting it together until late Thursday.

This means that the campaign will be waiting for Pence to give it when the convention opens up.

Pence will have to be in Philadelphia for a week to get the speech prepared.

He is scheduled to speak on Friday at a rally in Philadelphia, but he has not yet officially scheduled his speech, as he had planned.

He’ll need to travel to Philadelphia to deliver his speech.

On Thursday, Trump will be in Cleveland to speak to a crowd of thousands of supporters.

Trump will likely speak at about 20-30 locations throughout the city, according a source close to the campaign.

The speech will focus on the president’s plan to revitalize the economy and to rebuild the country.

It will also address how the GOP is the party of the people, and Trump will use the platform to attack Clinton.

The most important point of the speech will be that Trump will say that the country will be stronger when every single American can rise above their circumstances and rise up to achieve what’s best for their country.

He will also call out his opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, as the “enemy of the American people,” as well as Democrats who are “all of us against the American worker.”

Trump will also take aim at his rival, Sen.

“Ted Cruz, R, Texas, for supporting abortion rights.

Cruz has been very vocal about his opposition to abortion, and his speech is likely going to focus on his support for the Hyde Amendment, which allows states to restrict abortion access.

Trump also wants to call out Cruz for opposing Trump’s proposal to cut taxes.

The Hyde Amendment would eliminate the tax on interest on the first $200,000 of a family’s income for couples making less than $150,000 per year.

The proposal would have allowed a $2,000 tax break to be available for the first three months of a child’s life.

Cruz was one of the few Republicans to vote for the tax break in its current form.

Trump, on the other hand, has said he would like to see the Hyde amendment abolished and replaced with a new tax cut for everyone.

The president will also use his speech to attack the DNC, which he said was the “Democratic Party of corrupt elites.”

The platform will also focus on Trump’s promise to end the trade deal with China, which Trump has long criticized, and on his opposition and lack of interest in renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The party platform committee said Trump would also be speaking about his plan to protect the environment, and also his plan for “clean coal” energy.

The final paragraph of the platform states that “a free and open marketplace of ideas is a core value of the Republican Party, and a platform that does not promote anti-intellectualism, anti-science, anti, anti Americanism, or anti-government policies is a disservice to our party and our country.”

This will likely be a major theme of Trump speeches this

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