Florida Republican party denies allegations of voter fraud

The Florida Republican Party denied allegations by a Florida Democratic Party operative that it was responsible for voter fraud in a state that elected Donald Trump to the White House.

Politico reported Monday that Democratic state Rep. Chris Taylor of Lakeland filed a lawsuit against the Florida Republican National Committee on Tuesday alleging that the Florida GOP and other party leaders conspired to conceal voter fraud that occurred during the 2016 presidential election.

Taylor, who has not yet filed a formal complaint, alleged in the lawsuit that Florida Republicans knowingly and willfully misled the public about the scope and nature of the fraud that was uncovered by a state task force that he led in 2015.

Taylor’s lawsuit contends that the Republican Party and other state parties concealed the extent of the voter fraud, which was uncovered during an investigation into the Democratic Party’s voter fraud effort, when it released its own report.

The lawsuit said the Republican-led task force concluded that Florida’s 2016 election results were fraudulent.

The Florida GOP responded to the investigation by releasing its own analysis, which found that the state’s election system was hacked by foreign actors.

Taylor said in the suit that the task force’s report “was false, misleading, and defamatory.”

“The fact that the Republicans in Tallahassee were aware of the massive, and in some cases massive, fraud perpetrated by the Democratic party is simply not in dispute,” the lawsuit said.

Taylor alleged that Florida GOP officials and party leadership colluded to prevent him from filing the lawsuit because he was a Democrat who supported Trump and that he is a registered Republican.

In a statement to Politico, Florida GOP spokesman Jeff Gellman denied that Taylor was ever a registered Democrat, as the Democratic candidate and state party chair in Tallanahan County, where Taylor lives.

“The Republican Party of Florida does not support any party and does not engage in voter suppression,” Gellmen said in a statement.

“The Republican National Convention in 2020 was held in Florida, and the state of Florida voted for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.”

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi also released a statement denying that Taylor is a Democrat.

“Our investigation is focused on whether or not the Florida Democratic State Committee was responsible,” Bondi said.

“At the conclusion of this investigation, we have no further information to provide at this time.

We will continue to cooperate with the State Attorney General and other appropriate law enforcement agencies to ensure that Florida voters are protected and their constitutional rights are upheld.”

The Florida Democratic National Committee also said that the party did not collaborate with Taylor.

“This was a case that was handled by a former Republican state party chairman, who was a registered Democratic candidate,” DNC spokesperson Alex LaBarre told the Tampa Bay Times.

“We believe that he was an active member of the Republican National Leadership Committee.

We were unaware that he had engaged in any wrongdoing.”

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