How ‘fake news’ changed the 2016 election

The mainstream media has been caught out on a number of false and misleading stories this year, with an array of outlets and outlets claiming they are the true story behind Trump’s victory.

Here’s a rundown of the most significant of these, from the top news outlets to the less-popular ones.

What is ‘fake’ news?

The term “fake news” refers to the idea that stories are designed to give the appearance of objective truth while in reality they are often not.

As the term implies, there are many forms of fake news and false news, but the two most common are “fake” and “conspiracy theory.”

While some people might confuse the two, the term “conspiracist” is a more accurate description, because it refers to people who are deliberately misleading the public by spreading conspiracy theories, while “fake,” “conservatives,” or “liberals” are simply people who make up or spread false stories about people or issues.

The concept of “fake media” originated in the 1960s as a reaction to media outlets such as The New York Times, which in 1964 falsely claimed that the Democratic National Committee had been involved in the murder of Democratic President John F. Kennedy.

In 1966, the media and political left used the term to describe the media outlets that had published the phony stories.

“Conspiracy theories” are often seen as more dangerous and harmful than “fake stories” because they can spread without the slightest evidence.

However, the fact that “consensus” (meaning people believe in the same things) is not a valid description of what people believe does not make it a “consistent source of news.”

A common example of a conspiracy theory is the theory that former President Jimmy Carter was assassinated by CIA agents.

However the evidence does not support this conspiracy theory and many conspiracy theorists are also concerned that a CIA plot could have occurred and that Carter was actually assassinated.

“fake polls” are widely used in politics because they are highly partisan and are often used to spread misinformation about candidates and issues.

For example, during the 2016 presidential election, several fake polls that claimed Trump was leading in the polls were used in media outlets around the country.

They falsely claimed Trump had an eight-point lead and that the “CNN Polls” (a fake poll that falsely claimed Clinton had a three-point advantage) had Clinton with a five-point edge.

Trump won the election by a landslide, but in reality he was defeated by Clinton by just five points.

In some cases, the “fake poll” stories are also used to distract people from real issues.

In a December 2016 story in The New Yorker, reporter Julia Preston claimed that “the most popular reason why voters don’t trust polls is that they are partisan.”

This is a false claim.

The New American has a full list of polling companies and researchers that have examined the data on which polls are based.

The National Polling Company and the University of Virginia have also done extensive studies that have demonstrated the validity of the polls.

There are many more examples of how fake news can spread throughout the media, from fake news stories to misleading “fact checkers” that often misrepresent their sources.

How to avoid fake news “fake data” can be used to discredit an argument or claim that does not hold up to scrutiny.

For instance, a false statement that Trump had a lead in the election was widely used to delegitimize his win.

For a fake news story, a “news” source can claim to have found an actual poll showing Trump with a lead, but if the poll was actually showing him with a three to four point lead, then that would be evidence that “Trump won.”

It is important to be aware that there are some exceptions to this rule.

For the purposes of this article, we will be using data from the 2016 national election to help illustrate this point.

A “news poll” is essentially a poll that was conducted by an independent organization and then released by a media outlet to provide a “real” analysis of the election.

This is the most common type of poll.

A poll is also sometimes used to provide information about how a candidate is performing in the polling field, but this is not necessarily the same thing.

A voter who sees a fake poll can still be confident in their vote because they know that their polling company is not the source of the information.

In addition to this, polls often have a “confidence interval,” which measures the reliability of their data.

This gives the voter some indication of the uncertainty that the data is based on, and it is often used in election coverage to gauge the reliability and validity of poll results.

When the confidence interval drops below a certain level, then the poll is no longer statistically valid, and this is known as a “false positive.”

“fake polling” is often found in news stories, where it is used to dismiss an opposing view, such as that of a Democratic pollster who has

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