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POLITICO’s Andrew Harnik discusses how to watch Sunday’s presidential debate on the evening news.

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POLITICO: The big questions about the debate.

What to watch for on CNN: The president, Biden, Rubio, Trump and Clinton, as well as the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, all have two major issues on their minds.

The president is defending his decision to fire Comey.

He will argue that he was justified in taking the action, despite the FBI director’s public denials that he had done so.

But, as the vice president argued during the debate, there was a broader issue at play: He wanted to make sure he had the ability to respond to Russia’s cyberattacks and potential attempts to interfere with the election.

Biden, who has argued repeatedly that the Russian government is behind the hacking and that he doesn’t want to be viewed as a soft target, has argued that Russia did not want to influence the election because it knew that Trump was a threat.

And Trump has argued in his own defense that he would not have fired Comey had he known the FBI had evidence that the Russia cyberattack was successful.

Biden and Trump will also be debating the future of their relationship after their historic electoral victory.

Both men have promised to continue to work together to build on their relationship and the country.

But Biden’s goal will be to take the lead on the campaign and to continue building support for his agenda through executive actions that he is proposing in the coming weeks.

Trump will be focusing on his first major policy initiative: repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

He is calling for repealing and revamping the tax system, which he calls a massive transfer of wealth from working Americans to the wealthy and corporations.

He wants to make health care available to everyone and is pushing to reduce the number of people on the insurance rolls.

Biden has argued for a Medicare for All plan to lower costs and to expand coverage for the uninsured.

But he has also criticized Trump for proposing a new tax on capital gains and a temporary tax on high-income earners to fund the Affordable Health Care Act, which Biden opposes.

Biden will argue on Sunday that he can unite Republicans in Congress behind a comprehensive, long-term strategy for solving America’s challenges.

Here are three things you need to know: What to know about the presidential debates: Biden will be the first vice president to debate and campaign in a presidential race since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

Biden’s debate schedule includes a rally in Miami on Saturday night.

Trump, who is expected to take questions on his tax plan on Sunday morning, will be holding a town hall in the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Sunday.

Rubio will be speaking in the capital of Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening.

Biden plans to take part in a rally on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The debates will be televised live from the Wells Fargo Center in New York City, where the event will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.s.m., and will be streamed live on the network’s website.

The two campaigns are coordinating the production and delivery of the events.

Trump and Biden will have their own team of political experts on hand to assist them.

Both candidates are using social media and social media platforms to raise money and reach out to voters.

Biden is relying heavily on social media to reach voters ahead of the debate as well, with his campaign and his super PAC running an advertising campaign in Iowa and a digital campaign in New Hampshire.

In his first debate, Trump, during his speech, used Twitter to attack Biden for his “insensitive, dishonest and dishonest” statements on Russia.

The vice president responded on Twitter by saying Trump is not smart enough to make decisions on Russia without consulting him first.

He then responded by saying he does not know what to say to Trump and he is not qualified to do it.

Biden tweeted at Trump, “I am not the right guy to handle Russia.

If I was, I would not even be running for president.”

The vice President and his team are trying to build up the relationship with their respective campaigns, and they will be working to bring Biden into the campaign as the campaign builds momentum.

Biden was endorsed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and several other Democratic-leaning groups.

Biden also will be taking part in two debate-style events with his wife, Jill Biden.

He also plans to hold a fundraiser at the New Hampshire Democratic Party headquarters on Sunday night.

Biden said Sunday he hopes to work with his new allies on a national campaign to win the election and “be the president that I always dreamed of being.”

The Democratic National Committee is also coordinating with the two campaigns on their national operations.

Biden hopes to be able to reach out more directly to the Democratic base during the campaign.

Biden himself has expressed confidence in his ability to do that and said he plans to work closely with

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