Axios’s David Weigel: Trump’s ‘voodoo cure’ of populism isn’t working

The National Review has an editorial: The Trump-Russia scandal is just another “voodoo disease” that has infected our politics.

And this one’s not even Trump’s fault.

This is the latest example of Trump’s utter lack of experience in governance.

This isn’t even a theory of the case.

This, we are told, is the product of a conspiracy.

And the evidence for this theory is so overwhelming that it is almost too hard to believe.

The facts, it seems, are on the other side of the fence.

First, Trump’s “vulnerability” to the Russia scandal, the National Review insists, is not “due to his own shortcomings” as the Republican nominee.

He is simply being used by the Kremlin to distract from the Russia story, the editorial claims.

Second, the “vulgarity” of Trump has nothing to do with his character or his lack of qualifications for the presidency.

Third, the Trump-Putin story is not about Trump, but about the Russians and the U.S. media.

It’s the same “vulture capitalist” scam that has been the source of so much of the 2016 election cycle.

But the only reason this is a story at all is because Trump has not done his job, as Weigel himself admits in a recent column.

Trump is being used to distract us from the real issue of how badly the U,S.

political system has failed.

And if we are to trust Trump, we should expect the media to keep telling us this story, Weigel argues.

What he is really doing, as the author of The Art of the Deal, is telling us that Trump has failed because he has not been properly vetted.

And that, it is fair to say, is something that the mainstream media has been far too slow to notice.

In an article on Thursday, we argued that the media should be more open to questions about whether Trump has actually done what he promised to do.

The media has yet to ask him about his business ties with Russia.

The story has yet again failed to address whether Trump’s own businesses have received improper financing.

Weigel was not buying it.

We wrote: Trump is using the Russia-gate story to distract the American people from his own failures.

In this effort to distract, he has also tried to turn a blind eye to the fact that the Trump campaign is actively supporting the Russian government and is actively helping them to spy on the U.,S.

presidential election.

Trump has been a major beneficiary of the Russian “reset” policy and of the Putin-led efforts to delegitimize his opponent.

The Kremlin has been looking to undermine democracy for some time.

The Trump administration has also been using the issue to distract Americans from the reality of the nation’s economic woes.

If you ask the American public to take a moment to examine their own political system, you can find that there is no greater disservice to them than to turn to a man who promises them that their government is on the side of “the people.”

The Trump agenda, as stated by his campaign in November, is to destroy democracy by stripping away our rights, destroying our culture and culture, and ultimately to destroy our nation.

Trump’s failure to meet the demands of this agenda has been evident from the beginning.

Trump was caught with his pants down when it came to the release of his tax returns, and his own team was caught hiding from him information about the DNC hack.

The Russian “resistance” to Trump’s presidency has been so intense that the National Security Agency has been caught spying on the president-elect, his staff and his family.

He has been attacked for his refusal to accept Russian interference in the election, and he has been accused of undermining the intelligence agencies by refusing to acknowledge that Russia had interfered in the 2016 elections.

The National Security Council has been given more latitude in how it conducts its missions and Trump has yet, to his knowledge, taken any steps to make these agencies more effective.

We should not be surprised if the Trump administration decides that this story has gotten out of hand.

The same day Weigel’s column was published, The Washington Post published a story about the National Economic Council and its director, Gary Cohn.

The Post said Cohn “took an anti-Russian stance, was skeptical about the Russian economy, and advocated for more sanctions on Moscow.”

Weigel then tweeted a link to the story and wrote: “You are right, the president of the United States is an economic nationalist who has tried to put American workers first and to put our interests first.

This should not come as a surprise.

This kind of behavior is what makes America great.

But as Weiseg has noted, it also makes America vulnerable.”

We wrote again in a follow-up article: Cohn is not a foreign policy wonk.

He’s not a policy wonker.

He was never going to be

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