How to get Trump’s tax returns to the Senate

Trump, the president-elect, has refused to release his tax returns.

His refusal to comply with Senate rules has resulted in calls for the Senate to investigate him.

On Monday, Trump issued a statement saying he has “zero intention of releasing my tax returns.”

He also said he had “no intention of paying any taxes.” 

But the president is not the only one who can use his executive powers to get around Senate rules.

The Trump administration can use an obscure rule to get the returns of a president or vice president who is not currently in office.

Under this rule, the Trump administration has the authority to make a request for the returns, without any proof of eligibility, and it can use the authority only for certain purposes. 

If the Senate is to investigate Trump for his tax evasion, it will have to prove that the president has violated Senate rules by using his authority to obtain the returns without any authority to do so. 

In a statement, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he was “furious” that Trump was “using his power to obstruct the Senate from conducting its job.” 

“He can’t do this on his own,” Schumer said.

“The president-election has already given him all the legal authority he needs to try to get his tax return, which he will be entitled to use.” 

The Senate has not yet taken up the resolution to investigate President Trump.

The resolution will be sent to the House of Representatives next week, and there is no deadline for the House to pass it.

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